Shellie Hart

Santa Trackers: NORAD & Google ‘Sleigh In’ the Best!


Of course the kids will want to to track Santa’s progress throughout the world on Christmas Eve, but which one shall you download?  Here are two of the best…   NORAD Tracks Santa (HERE)    Google Santa Tracker - (HERE) Ways to use both (HERE) Popular Science review on BOTH (HERE) Read More »

Christmas Lights Can Be Seen From Space by NASA Satellites [VIDEO]


Wow, and I thought we had some pretty good Holiday Lights here in the Northwest.  While you can see Washington State had a handful of ‘hot’ spots, check out the east-coast!  This is pretty cool. - Shellie ‘Jingle Bell’ Hart NASA reports that satellite images show certain cities shine between 20 percent and 30 percent brighter during the holiday season. ... Read More »

The ‘Layaway Angel’ in Massachusetts


More than 150 customers of the store in Bellingham received calls Wednesday that their items had been paid off, the Milford Daily News reported.  Reported total of $20,000 in layaways.  Awesome. Their reaction? Tears and cries of astonishment. The good Samaritan, described as an older, local woman, gave the store manager a hug and told employees, “If you have it, ... Read More »

FUN FACTS: Things You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Christmas Movie


As Christmas quickly approaches and you start watching all your favorite holiday movies again, you might want to know a bit of weird trivia about Rudolph, The Grinch and even the McCallister gang. Ahead, 11 things you didn’t know about your favorite Christmas movies. For example:   Ralphie makes an uncredited cameo in “Elf.” Peter Billingsley, the child star of “A ... Read More »

How To Tie a Holiday Bow (video)


I can never seem to get this just right, until now.  It took me a couple practice runs, but have mastered it!  I no longer fear the ribbon:)  – Shellie ‘Jingle Bell’ Hart Read More »

Soldiers Surprise Families (VIDEO)


Have a tissue ready, this video is loaded with tears of happiness and LOTS of surprises.  These are the best holiday gifts ever:) - Shellie ‘Jingle Bell’ Hart Read More »

My Christmas-Crunch Recipe!


It’s become a favorite!  And soooooooooooooooooo EASY to make.  I’ve altered mine to taste over the years (no nuts here).  You can also add or change out things.  Like I add a bag of holiday colored PRETZEL M&M’s in addition to the plain.  I prefer the WHEAT and CORN Chex vs. the RICE, can even sprinkle with a bit of ... Read More »

Lazy ‘Elf on the Shelf’? Some Quick Excuses For Ya…


I’m sure your not the only parent who has woken up to a child in a frantic “Mom, Elfie didn’t move last night!” Suddenly, you’re scrambling to try to explain why Elfie decided to slack off. Seriously Elfie, you had ONE JOB. LOL!   We’ve gathered some ‘quick’ and fun excuses for you in the event it should happen again. Your elf ... Read More »



YAY!  I think it’s fun to catch these shows ‘as they air’ vs. on-demand (don’t get me wrong, I WILL on demand and watch again and again:)  So for fun here is your Holiday TV Schedule this week (and a few more to look forward to)… CMA COUNTRY CHRISTMAS: The biggest stars in country music are aligning for a celebration ... Read More »