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4 Tips to Get Your Kids Back on a Sleep Schedule.


Back to school time is upon us and that means…back to a daily and nightly routine! Chances are, your kids spent the summer staying up and sleeping in later than they do during the school year. Here are four tips for getting your kids back on a regular sleep schedule before classes start again. image via used under creative ... Read More »

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Married!


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to those two adorable little lovebirds, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in France on Saturday, nine years after they first started dating. The ceremony also comes two years after they announced their engagement in 2012. The nuptials took place at Chateau Miraval in the south of France. Fun fact: The chateau produces a rose wine ... Read More »

Help name the newest state ferry (info)

Seattle Skyline And Ferry

We’ve already got a “Puyallup,” a “Sealth,” and a “Tokitae,” so you can’t use any of those as an idea to name of the newest 144-car ferry in the Washington State Ferries fleet. And since the state Transportation Commission likely won’t accept names like “Millennium Falcon” or “Olaf,” here are their guidelines to help you think of a more fitting ... Read More »

What would you put in a time capsule for the year 2389?

bright future ahead road sign indicating direction to planning a

An iPhone? A DVD of your favorite movie? A 2014 postcard? A group of ‘Capsule Keepers’ wants your ideas! 25 years ago, time capsules were filled with things about our state history and culture at the Capitol in Olympia. Back then, a group of 300 10-year-olds became Keepers of the Capsule and now… they’re 35 years old and want your ... Read More »

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Simpsons Video)


I know, I know…but this one would bring a chuckle for all to see.  Homer Simpson does his IBC.    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge types are seeing a sudden “on going” effort here because of many around the country who usually don’t catch these fads at first.  The popularity is predicted to last through September.  By the time is slows you ... Read More »

Fanatical Vietnam Vet Gets Prosthetic Eye With Seahawks Logo.


Bill VandenBush is a decorated Vietnam vet who lost his right eye in combat. He’s also a hard-core Seattle Seahawks fan. So for his 10th wedding anniversary late last month, his wife got him a new prosthetic eye–with a Seahawks logo where the false pupil normally is. He says he plans to sport the fake eyeball at “every gathering with Seahawks’ ... Read More »

Panda Fakes Pregnancy to Get More Food.


This is too cute NOT to share…I love pandas, they’re fantastic in so many ways and apparently can be a little mischievous! A 6-year-old giant panda named Ai Hin, who was set to give birth on live Chinese TV, evidently faked her pregnancy so she could get more food from her handlers. Experts believe that pandas sometimes behave like they’re pregnant ... Read More »

Who’s the Funniest Saturday Night Live Castmember Ever? Cast YOUR vote!


For the last week or so, Grantland has invited fans to vote for their favorite Saturday Night Live castmember in a March Madness-style tournament which coincides with the show’s 40th anniversary. The field has now been winnowed to the Final Four, with Eddie Murphy, who just defeated Bill Murray in the Elite Eight, set to square off against Phil Hartman ... Read More »

Shellie Hart’s ‘Trending Celebrities’ 8/27/14 (Headlines)


Guess who showing off a new short haircut, who got rear-ended and who unveils her bridesmaids’ dress collection all here in your latest Trending Celebrity Headlines. - Shellie Hart Show Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop split after five years of dating. (Us) Lauren Conrad unveils her bridesmaids’ dress collection. (People) Malin Akerman debuted a new short haircut at the Emmys. ... Read More »