Sean Michaels

Too Much Kim Seen On Paper, Maybe You Missed Real Message (card)


With so many looking (even if they didn’t even want to) of Kim’s look on Paper Magazine this week. You might have missed the other message she was trying to share with all fans. Because of schedules, crisis, turmoil and no one really taking command to organize?  The Kardashian Christmas Card will not happen this year.  Here is some fun ... Read More »

Winterize your Car on the INSIDE

Winter weather supplies

Cooler temperatures are hitting us and you want to be ready on the roads.  Winterizing you car goes without saying, but doing the same on the inside might get overlooked.  Here is a list of things you need to have in your car for winter driving.  All great ideas, but I would add snacks, nuts and water to the list. ... Read More »

We – mankind – made space history today! (info)


The European Space Agency (and all of mankind, really) has been preparing for this moment for TEN years, and today, we made history when the robot lander “Philae” touched down on a comet speeding at 40,000 mph at 8:03am PST! Check it out right HERE! For why it’s such a big deal, read THIS.     Read More »

Steve Harvey Says Tawni Is Worst Dater In Washington (update)


The Steve Harvey Show has a feature called ‘United Dates Of America”. He recently brought cameras to Seattle to meet Tawni. The goal is to help her with her dating techniques and help her find a guy.  Tawni,  is what many say , the worst dater in Washington.  Many listeners of WARM 1069 missed the episode that  aired in recent ... Read More »

Christmas In Seattle Show , MC and many Chefs too!


Along with the many show exhibits at the Washington Convention Center this Friday through Sunday. Mark Christopher will be introducing you to some of the areas great Chefs as they demo  some fun recipes for your table this holiday season. _ Link for all show details below,-MC Read More »

Famous Seattle Sandwich Shop Paseo Is Apparently Closed For Good!


This makes me so sad because my wife and I have heard nothing but great things about this place and never actually made it there, and after hearing about this…it looks like we won’t EVER get that chance. This is what we know about the situation SO FAR.   image  via Keith used under creative commons) Read More »

Frito’s Chili Pizza, Doritos Flavored Mt. Dew…”Dewitos” And Other Bizarre Food Combos.


Papa Johns has come up with a Frito’s Chili Pizza (which actually doesn’t sound half bad to me) and Pepsi has announced that THEY are coming out with Doritos flavored Mountain Dew cleverly called…“Dewitos” . (Personally,  I prefer my Doritos in NON-liquid form) With all of these unique food combos popping up, it got me thinking about some of my ... Read More »

Week Seven – Gypsy, Roxy and Marsha


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday and we have two new dogs and one new cat for your viewing pleasure! Gypsy is an active girl looking for an active home that can keep her busy! Her favorite activities are running, playing, and running some more! Gypsy is housetrained, and because she is so smart she already knows a bunch of commands! Roxy ... Read More »