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Shellie Hart’s ‘Trending Celebrities’ 11/7/14 (Headlines)


Here’s some Friday reading for ya, if you’re looking to get all caught up on your celebrity headlines.  Some interesting news about the clinic that treated Joan Rivers, and Seth McFarlane did some Frank Sinatra standards at a piano bar in Milwaukee.  Check it all out here. – Shellie Hart Jessica Simpson‘s daughter Maxwell raided her makeup drawer. (People) Seth ... Read More »

When Do You Stop for a School Bus?


KING 5 did a great story on camera’s on School Buses.  It’s a pretty good idea, as I’ve seen LOTS of cars zip right past them in recent when they have the lights flashing and Stop sign out.  But to be honest, it has been a bit confusing at times like ‘when’ do I stop when there are several lanes ... Read More »

WEEK 5: Day 31: ‘Run Forrest, Run!’


NOVEMBER 6th, 2014/THURSDAY:  In addition to my clothes fitting sooooooooooo much better (in some cases, I’ve had to give up on some because now ‘too big’)…I feel more focused, and definitely more energy!  Thanks to my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life, I feel like the ‘younger’ me again:)  I’ve never been a runner, but know that getting some cardio is ... Read More »

All ‘That Glitters” At Goodwill! (Big Sale Info)


It’s become as popular as the Lakeside Rummage Sale, and the many Trade/Expo Shows over the next few months.  “The Goodwill Glitter Sale”.  This will bring so many to the flagship store on Dearborn Street in Seattle (Only store with this event).  Here is a link for times and product.-Mark Christopher Goodwill Glitter Read More »

Rockefeller Tree Is 85 Ft, But Seattle Still Hits The Sky For Tall Trees


This week the choice was made of an 85 foot  Noble Fir from PA. as the official Christmas tree for Rockefeller Center in New York.  The tree is now on a flatbed truck en-route for a Dec 3 ceremony.  While 85 feet is impressive for a tree,  might I remind you of Seattle’s tree’s that still reach the sky like ... Read More »

The Best Day To Shop Online Is…

Online Shopping

Yesterday on the “Drive Time Pop Quiz” we found out that the average American worker spends 9 days a year shopping online while at work. (I think it’s more but…) TODAY, I have for you…the BEST day to shop online. It’s NOT Cyber Monday or Black Friday either!   Read More »

If You Haven’t Heard…Taylor Swift Is Making Her Way To Seattle!


She has a number one single, the new number one record breaking album “1989” and now…Taylor Swift just announced her “1989” tour on “Good Morning America,” and she is COVERING the U.S. and Canada. Check out the the 57 dates that have been announced, here. Including the one for Seattle at Centurylink Field! Tickets will go on sale to the ... Read More »

Seattle Skyline Makeover Coming Soon!


According to the Seattle Times, the developer behind Seattle’s second-tallest skyscraper proposes to add more floors for luxury apartments that would be the highest in the city.  58 stories in total, that would include businesses, shopping and some premium living will be in place of Union Square at 4th & Union.  Full story (HERE). Photo: Wright Runstad & Company More ... Read More »

What Restaurants Would YOU Eat At For Six Weeks Straight?? THIS GUY Ate At Olive Garden 95 Times!

OLIVE Garden

I brought this up a couple of months ago and here’s an update…back in September, Olive Garden sold 1,000 limited-edition passes that gave you unlimited food for just $100? I’ve just found the one guy who’s determined to make sure they never offer that deal again. He’s Alan Martin, a pastor from Burlington, North Carolina. He bought the Olive Garden ... Read More »