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How you doin’? Seattle is ‘Most Handsome’ City

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A survey by finds that Seattle men are the ‘Most Handsome’ in the U-S. This is based on their findings which include: how much Seattle guys spend on personal care services, grooming products, clothes and how fit they are. According to them, guys in Seattle spent more than $3400 on grooming products a year! Does that sound about right? ... Read More »

Happy Corn Fritters Day! (Hey, what IS a corn fritter, anyway?)

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I’m pretty sure it’s a Southern thing, right? They’re a big enough deal to warrant an entire day dedicated to corn fritters, so let’s solve the mystery. Here’s the Wikipedia definition: Corn fritters are a traditional savory Southern USA snack. Traditional corn fritters are a mixture of corn kernels, egg, flour, milk, and melted butter. They can be deep fried,  ... Read More »

Would you try “Uber for kids?”

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You know how it is when you’re a busy parent. Sometimes you just can’t get your schedule to work out when you need to get your kid to soccer practice or a piano lesson after school, and you can’t find another parent to share the carpool duties. That’s where HopSkipDrive comes in, and they’re serious about getting kids where they ... Read More »

The Right AND Wrong Ways To Ask For A Raise.

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A recent study revealed that 90% of people felt they deserved a raise. From those people, just over half said they wouldn’t even bother asking for a raise and about 20% said they would rather look for another job than ask for a raise. The right and wrong ways to ask for a raise. Read More »

What’s Trending For Wednesday July 15th.


While you’ve been hard at work today, here’s what’s been trending both locally and nationally. #PrimeDay, #SafecoField, #ArianaGrande, #TheBachelor, #StayAtHomeMoms Read More »

Attention germophobes: You’ve been washing your shoelaces, right?

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That’s right — washing your shoelaces. Just one interesting tidbit from a little story I found called “7 Things You’re Not Washing (But Should Be.)” Sure, if you think about it, your shoelaces might drag across some very filthy surfaces during the course of a day, and you do use your hands to tie them every day, so . . ... Read More »

Wet Nose Wednesday: Sammy, Kota & Paulie


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday and we have three beautiful dogs for your viewing pleasure! Sammy is a spunky guy with energy to spare! He loves to move, move, move so is looking for an active home that can keep up with him! Sammy is ready to take on the world, go on new adventures and make new friends. He would ... Read More »

Bellingham Teen Survives Plane Crash And Hikes To Safety.

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Autumn Veatch was the lone survivor of a plane crash that she along with her step-grandparents’ were involved in on Saturday in North-Central Washington. Her step grandfather was apparently flying the plane to low and crashed into a mountain due to visibility issues. Check out her miraculous story of survival HERE. Read More »

Amazon’s Prime Day Is Tomorrow. They’re Celebrating Their Birthday And They Want YOU To Save Some Serious Cash!

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Amazon is turning 20, and they want to turn it into a shopping frenzy that’s BIGGER than Black Friday. Their birthday is a week from Thursday, and they’re going to be running crazy deals for 24 hours to celebrate. Their press release says it will, “be filled with more deals than Black Friday.” There’s no word on whether they’re planning ... Read More »

What’s Trending For Tuesday July 14th.

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While you’ve been hard at work, this is what’s been trending both locally and nationally. #Walmart, #BiteOfSeattle, #Millenials, #KhloeKardashian, #BrasAreBad Read More »