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Week Three – Reba, Sanford and Luna


Meet Reba, Sanford and Luna the wonderful pups from our third week of Wet Nose Wednesdays! All three of these wonderful dogs are currently living at PAWS, but they are all looking for their forever homes! If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs (or any of the other amazing animals currently at PAWS) they would love to hear from you: ... Read More »

Take Part in the Record Breaking ‘Thriller’ Dance for Charity


Every year Thrill The World hosts a global event inviting Thriller groups in cities all over the world to perform Thriller at the same exact time. Thrill The World has been represented in 32 countries with over 22,000 dancers. Seattle Thrillers is a non-profit group organized by Sheri Kinley to teach the Thriller dance for the world record attempt and ... Read More »

Shellie Hart’s ‘Trending Celebrities’ 10/14/14 (Headlines)


Kelly Clarkson planning a Christmas show, check out the adorable Demi Levato marriage proposal video and Zac Efron has a new girlfriend? All that and more with today’s trending celebrity headlines! - Shellie Hart Kelly Clarkson planning a Christmas Benefit Show (ABC News) Adorable 5 yr-old proposes to Demi Levato VIDEO (E!) Lauren Conrad debuts rose gold wedding ring. (People) Lea ... Read More »

“THRILLER” Parody for all Moms! (Video)


It’s a “THRILLER” parody called “TODDLER”.  This will take away the nightmares of late night bed sheet change, babies crying at 2am and being out of diapers during rush hour.  Enjoy these Moms for you Mom.  It will make your day! Hit it below – Mark Christopher Thriller Parody for all Moms   Read More »

Satisfying Your Chocolate Fix With…Puppies!?!?! [VIDEO]


Here’s a fun way to cure the Monday blahs…Chocolate lab puppies EVERYWHERE….playing with a teddy bear and just capturing ALL of the cuteness in one simple video. Why?? Why NOT???? Life is good!     image via moreau used under creative commons) Read More »

Week 1: Day #7, First Weigh In! Results Are…


OCTOBER 13th, 2014/MONDAY: AWESOME!  I couldn’t be more happy!  5.6lbs in my first week!  And it wasn’t even difficult, as I was really aware and stuck to my customized plan:)  This doesn’t feel like any huge effort, nor did it compromise my day-2-day in any way. Now I realize, this may be the most I lose in any one weigh-n ... Read More »

Shellie Hart’s ‘Trending Celebrities’ 10/13/14 (Headlines)


A Jame Franco coloring book,  Susan Sarandon talks about her new boyfriend (37),  and guess who’s trying for a baby!  Trending celebrity headlines for the day here. – Shellie Hart Show Susan Sarandon talks about her new 37 yr old boyfriend. (NY Post) Amanda Peet expecting a boy. (People) Nicole Kidman trying for another baby? (Yahoo) Blake Lively shares more ... Read More »

Never Too Early To Tune Up (Winter Observations for Ski 2014)


Mark Christopher has seen that if he tunes his ski’s before Halloween? It will almost guarantee a ski season before Thanksgiving. He is talking more than Mt Baker too! He also notes that within  24 hours of this picture taken  he heard of 2 inches fell on top of Crystal Mountain and around Stevens Pass  already! Here is the official ... Read More »

WEEK 1: Day #6, and Dinner Downtown!

photo 1

OCTOBER 12th, 2014/SUNDAY:  I’ll address the first question you’re thinking,  my 30/10 Journey is  going quite well:)  Seriously.  I can start to feel a change, and I know my body is now in FAT BURNING mode.  The work week is easy.  I prep my veggies (steaming cauliflower and broccoli) a coupla days in advance, store in separate (measured) containers in ... Read More »