Sean Michaels

Hawks Parking rates up 100% or more !


The real hike of the Seahawks game was the hike we all saw at parking lots.  I drove by a favorite lot of mine at 3:30am on the way to the radio station. It was already posted at $60.  I didn’t realize that in a few hours it would be the parking bargain of the day for Seahawks fans.  The ... Read More »

The Most Star Studded Event of the Year! (list)


It airs tomorrow night (Friday, Sept. 5th) on SEVERAL networks. Stand Up to Cancer might be the most star-studded event of the year! Two weeks after it was revealed that stars including Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon will join forces for Friday’s fourth biennial fundraising telecast, the charitable organization announced an additional 20 participants Wednesday. The impressive list ... Read More »

Shellie Hart’s ‘Trending Celebrities’ 9/4/14 (Headlines)


Cute baby photos, alter egos and a new skincare line.  Our celebrities have been busy!  Check out what’s trending in Celebrity Headlines today. - Shellie Hart Show See the first post-baby pics of Christina Aguilera. (E!) Snoop Dogg unveils alter ego: white guy named Todd. (GossipOnThis) Tallulah Willis leaves treatment facility. (People) David Cassidy pleads guilty to DWI. (TMZ) Cee ... Read More »

Bigger Buckets for Ice Challenge (Video)


He is a man in Norway. He simply wants to impress everyone with his “raise the bar” efforts of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Watch this video as he takes 1800 gallons from a cement truck!-Mark Christopher Read More »

Seahawks Kick Off The NFL Season Tomorrow But The Festivities Have Already Begun.


The Seahawks officially kick off the NFL season tomorrow night as Super Bowl Champions when they take on the Green Bay Packers at Centurylink Field! However…even the game isn’t until tomorrow evening at 5:30…there is PLENTY to see and do around the stadium ESPECIALLY at Pioneer Square for the NFL Gameday Village, which includes some opportunities for you to meet ... Read More »

Watching THESE Kinds Of Movies Will Make You Eat More!?!?


 Are YOU buying this?? Personally I’m a little skeptical on studies like this sometimes but hey…they’re the “experts” right?!?! The researchers studied 94 undergraduate students who were randomly divided into three groups, each of which was put in front of a TV for 20 minutes. One group was asked to watch a part of the Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson ... Read More »

Home Depot Hacked.


Everybody’s getting hacked these days, and if you’ve been shopping at Home Depot recently and have used your debit/credit card…be aware! The latest hacking victim appears to be the do-it-yourselfer’s paradise, Home Depot. The retail chain announced yesterday that it was looking into reports that some of its customer data had been stolen and was being offered for sale on ... Read More »

Shellie Hart’s ‘Trending Celebrities’ 9/3/14 (Headlines)


Angelina honored her late mom at wedding, J-Lo say’s it’s “not easy” being a single mom, and guess who has babies on the brain?  All that and more with Trending Celebrity Headlines. - Shellie Hart Show   Mindy Kaling has babies on the brain. (E!) Find out how Angelina Jolie honored her late mother at her wedding. (People) Robert Pattinson ... Read More »

And The Air Guitar World Championship Goes To… [VIDEO]


I never REALLY thought this existed but I was wrong…VERY wrong! After a long drought that lasted seven years, the world air guitar championship trophy is finally returning to Japan thanks to 19-year-old Nanami Nagura and her rocking performance in Oulu, Finland. I’ve pulled several muscles throughout my body just watching this video. According to a press release by the Air ... Read More »

The New I-Phone (6) Is Coming Out In One Week.


Just when you were getting used to whatever version of the iPhone you have, Apple’s getting ready to come out with the latest (and they would have you believe, greatest!) version of the iPhone on September 9. Here are a few of the new features to expect from the I-Phone 6… Bigger Screen – you could be talking about a ... Read More »