Sean Michaels

Seattle Has Gone To The Dogs…LITERALLY!


We’ve known for quite some time that Seattle truly is one of the most dog friendly cities in the country but NOW, we’re taking it to a whole new level with this…The Seattle Barkery, it’s a food truck for dogs!

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Meet your new Seafair Queen — Shellie Hart!

Photo: Shellie Hart (it's a selfie, duh!)

We knew she was radio royalty, but now this! Our own Shellie Hart has just been anointed Seafair Queen Alcyone, alongside former Seahawk Jordan Babineaux, your Seafair King Neptune.  Does this mean she’ll be wearing the sash and tiara around here through the end of the summer? Congrats to Shellie — I mean, Your Highness, and for more Seafair summer …

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You’re More Likely To Get A Raise If You Do THIS!

Credit: Zinkevych |

If you’re looking make a little extra cash and feel you are worth more that what you’re getting paid at work…here’s something you need to do to help you get that raise!

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Here’s how you know summer’s just about here: The official kickoff of Seafair!

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Okay, so we’re a ways away from fireworks and the Blue Angels . . . but it really does feel like summer’s in the air when Seafair officially gets underway, and today’s the day! The big festivities are at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle, with mini-celebrations happening all over town at select Starbucks locations. Here’s the official schedule: Seafair Kickoff …

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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 6.15.16

Engagement Ring with Diamond. Jewelry background

An engagement ring from the Donald? Sal the Pizza guy is amazing! A 5-year wait is finally over! Madge gets more backlash.

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Parking Ticket Hot Spots In Seattle.

Credit: HighwayStarz |

That AWFUL feeling you get when you walk back to your car and see a little envelope attached to your windshield wiper! UGH…here’s where you need to REALLY be on the lookout for getting a parking ticket.

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