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Find Out What You’re Name Would Be If You Were Born Today.

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“Time” magazine has a new feature that’s pretty cool: it figures out what you’d be named if you were born TODAY. Here’s how it works. It looks up the popularity of your name from the year you were born, then shows you what name is currently ranked in that spot today. So if you were born in 1977 and your ... Read More »

Get Cozy…Cuddle Club Opens In Seattle!

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Feeling lonely, need a little companionship and human touch? How about a nice hug and cuddle. Well now, you can get one or…as many as you like since this Cuddle Club is now open in West Seattle! Read More »

The Ten Names Of People That Make The Best Husbands And Wives.

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A study out of England has come up with the top 10 names associated with being the best husband, and the top 10 names associated with being the best wife. In the study, people ranked their husbands and wives on how kind, generous, and thoughtful they were.  Then the researchers calculated which names got the highest average scores.   Read More »

Uh oh…Toyota, Nissan recall millions of vehicles

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Toyota and Nissan issued recalls this week of at least 6.5 million vehicles because of faulty airbags manufactured by Takata. That means about 25 million vehicles in all have been recalled by 10 different automakers. To see if your vehicle may be affected, check with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the latest recall. For more information on the ... Read More »

Here’s one mom’s way of dealing with toddler tantrums

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As parents, we all have those days when our toddler is throwing a tantrum, screaming out all kinds of unintelligible babble and we’re just not in the mood. (As the father of a 3 1/2-year-old, I’ve seen a few of those days!) But instead of losing her cool, this mother of a 4-year-old opted to lip sync her daughter’s tantrum ... Read More »

Man Faces Jail Time For Saving Dog’s Life!

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They say no good deed goes unpunished…and that’s EXACTLY what happened to this man. Michael Hammons, a Desert Storm veteran, rescued a dog trapped inside a hot car and literally saved it from dying, and what does he get? One year of possible jail time because he broke the window to the car. What does the owner get? A $250 ... Read More »