Sean Michaels

The Oso mudslide, one year later: Still Oso Strong


It’s been a year since the Oso mudslide that took the lives of 43 people, engulfed a neighborhood, covered about a square mile with earth, mud, rock and debris, including SR530, a critical route through the area. This Sunday, the people of the communities that were affected by the disaster, families, first responders, and volunteers with gather for a 530 ... Read More »

Sam Smith is slimming down to a seriously svelte silhouette

sam smith slim b

Congrats to the “Stay With Me” singer (who’s on a tour this summer that hits The Gorge on August 8.) He’s obviously been living right and taking care of himself: He just revealed his new streamlined physique in an Instagram post — taken at the gym! — and he says he’s lost 14 pounds in 14 days. Sam has been ... Read More »

Listen to this: Ellie Goulding covers Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”

ellie soundcloud

Here’s how the Irish singer Hozier knows he’s made it: Other established artists want to cover his songs. I’m not sure why she did this other than the fact that she likes the song, but here’s the English singer Ellie Goulding doing kind of a slow-jam interpretation of “Take Me To Church” that really changes the whole vibe of the ... Read More »

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Niner, Cali and Fiona


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday and we have one amazing dog and two beautiful cats for your viewing pleasure! Look out Seahawks! Little Niner just moved up from the Bay area and is looking for a new home right in the middle of 12th man territory! This sweet boy’s owner just recently passed away and now Niner is left without his tailgating ... Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day fun for kids at the Seattle Children’s Museum


If you’ve got a restless kid who needs a creative outlet on St. Patrick’s Day, try an expedition to the Seattle Children’s Museum at Seattle Center. Here’s the lineup for today:   The Children’s Museum is smack in the middle of Seattle Center on the lower level of the Armory building, just steps from where you get off the Monorail. ... Read More »

The Cost Of Commuting To And From Work Around Seattle.


I’m not gonna knitpick here because I absolutely LOVE living in Seattle and wouldn’t trade it for the world but let’s be realistic…one of the drawbacks IS the traffic and commuting to and from work. Sure, there are places that are a LOT worse but in recent years, Seattle’s traffic has gotten worse. Here’s what it’s costing you to commute ... Read More »