Sean Michaels

What if Facebook was around in 1995 when the Internet was young?


If you remember back to 1995 — ancient times in the world of the web — AOL was the go-to spot for early adopters of technology. You went there for everything — news, sports, weather, email, games. Now it’s a whole different thing, and not quite as prevalent as it once was. (My mother still logs on, though!) Facebook is ... Read More »

This fan video might be the best view of the Seahawks’ incredible win

hawks win

The TV networks cover big football games from a million different angles, with multiple cameras and endless replays. But sometimes the best way to capture the raw emotion of a stunning moment is a simple fan cellphone video. Here’s the view from Seahawks fan Steven Carroll’s position in the stands surrounded by fellow 12s at the moment Jermaine Kearse caught ... Read More »

How awesome is this? The Batmobile stroller!

batmbile stroller

Josh Earl is a huge Batman fan. His man cave is a shrine to Batman filled with all kinds of memorabilia, from posters to action figures, and he passed that affection for the Caped Crusader on to his toddler son, Collin — one of the first phrases the kid spoke was “na-na-na-na Batman,” according to Josh’s wife Maressa. So when ... Read More »

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Gusto, Baby Girl, Indigo & Eleanor


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday and we have two amazing dogs and a beautiful bonded pair of cats for your viewing pleasure! Gusto is just full of life! This little guy absolutely adores kiddos and loves just about everyone he meets! He is so sweet and will give you kisses once he gets to know you! Baby Girl is a sweet and gentle ... Read More »

And The New Oreo Cookie Flavor IS…


Every time they come out with a new Oreo flavor…I just shake my head and wonder WHY?? Why mess around with something classic and delicious until NOW…just in time for Valentines Day… The Red Velvet Oreos! I may sound like a bit of a hypocrite here but I can’t wait to try these because red velvet ANYTHING is my kryptonite…my ... Read More »

Are you still using one of the Worst Passwords of 2014?


You know there’s a lot of hacking and internet security breaches going on out there. But sometimes it doesn’t take a master hacker to bust into your corner of cyberspace. Sometimes all it takes is a good guess, if you’ve got a weak password. SplashData, a company that deals with web security issues, just released their annual list of the ... Read More »

Relive Seahawks’ miracle win thru fan-cam video – going viral!


For those of us who weren’t as lucky as Seahawks fan Norb Caoili to be at the greatest NFC championship game of all time, you can re-live the incredible final minutes of the Seahawks-Packers game from Sunday, January, 18, 2015, by watching the crazy video of his “Norb-Cam.” It’s almost as good as being there. Almost. In fact, people across ... Read More »