Sean Michaels

This Is For All Of The Awesome Teachers…THANK YOU!

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Teachers are awesome! They are such an important part of a child’s life and what they provide for kids is priceless. I was out running today and came across a group of teachers in Issaquah who were holding their 1 day walkout and it just got me thinking about some of my old teachers who I STILL hold near and ... Read More »

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Muffin, Natasha & Adorable Puppies!


It’s Wet Nose Wednesday and we have two amazing dogs and two adorable puppies for your viewing pleasure! Meet Muffin! She is a petite lady searching for her forever home and wants to meet YOU! Just under 4 lbs, this bite size pup is eager to become your new family memeber; she would do best in a home with children over the ... Read More »

Kids with disabilities finally get dolls with disabilities

Credit: Beth Moseley Photography

There’s a campaign on social media called #toylikeme to get toy makers to make dolls with disabilities. British company Makie answered that call and started producing dolls with hearing aids, canes, glasses and facial birthmarks. The response has been so positive, Makie has received hundreds of suggestions and is now deciding what other inclusive dolls to make. The #toylikeme campaign ... Read More »

There’s A Reason Why It’s Called Trivia Crack…I’M ADDICTED!


So I just stepped out of the dark ages from my I-Phone 4 to the new 6! One of the new toys I’m so excited about is this trivia crack game that my wife introduced me too. I never realized how dumb I was until I started playing this game…but STILL, it’s so much fun. I can’t stop…HEEEELPPP!!! Here are ... Read More »