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Here Are Some Things You Should NOT Buy Before Christmas…

Christmas Zürich

Sure, it’s tempting to buy a bunch of stuff that’s on sale for Christmas now and with the National Retail Federation expecting holiday sales to increase by 4.1 percent…there looks to be a LOT of people in the shopping spirit. Conflicted by year-end sales, free shipping promotions and an unforgiving holiday countdown, it’s easy for shoppers to give in to ... Read More »

Stolen toys! Salvation Army in Port Angeles needs your help (links)

Goodwill Store Exterior Sign

Boooo! Some awful Grinchy thieves STOLE more than $1500 worth of donated toys from a Salvation Army warehouse in Port Angeles, taking the most expensive gifts – video games, Legos and bikes  – meant for kids ages 8 to 12. 500 families are supposed to pick up their gifts this weekend as part of Salvation Army’s Christmas Toy & Joy ... Read More »

Seattle Music Icon’s Create Seattle’s Own Christmas Variety Show (info)


Seattle was listed this week in the top five for “Best Decorated U.S. Cities For Christmas.  For many years many of us have asked, ” Why doesn’t Seattle have it’s own Christmas Show from among all those great icon’s who live here?”   Just think of all the talent in this area over the years (recording artist’s, performer’s, reality TV star’s).  ... Read More »

Lights of Christmas 2014 Photo Gallery!


Listeners joined Warm 106.9 and Maya at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood! Everyone stopped by the Warm booth to play games, eat roca and enter for a chance to win fabulous prizes! The Lights of Christmas is the largest holiday light display in the Pacific Northwest that combines live entertainment, children’s activities, food, holiday shopping and more. Read More »

The Holiday Tipping Guide.


The holidays are here, but who do you have to tip? And how much? Here are a few of professions you may have heard of tipping in the past, but make sure you don’t leave someone out…or tip them the wrong way! The Holiday Tipping Guide.   Read More »

The ‘Layaway Angel’ in Massachusetts


More than 150 customers of the store in Bellingham received calls Wednesday that their items had been paid off, the Milford Daily News reported.  Reported total of $20,000 in layaways.  Awesome. Their reaction? Tears and cries of astonishment. The good Samaritan, described as an older, local woman, gave the store manager a hug and told employees, “If you have it, ... Read More »

Neighborhood Synchronizes Christmas Lights … Mesmerizing! (video)


In Hawaii,  all these neighbors decided to work the rhythm and the timing to make this  a “Christmas Lights Ensemble  Neighborhood”.  Warm Weather Getaway Winners of WARM 1069?  If you are in Waikele during the holidays send me an  e-mail and I’ll give you directions- Read More »