Sean Michaels

Earthquake Shakes Seattle’s Eastside?!?!


Apparently, there was an earthquake this morning at 9:37 centered in Redmond measuring a 2.7 on the richter scale. Hmmm, I live in in Issaquah and didn’t feel it…did YOU??   image via Read More »

A musical tribute to beating Tom Brady and the Pats on Sunday

beat brady

Sam Smith just worked out a friendly settlement with Tom Petty for accidentally stealing part of one of his songs. Now it’s time for Sam Smith to get ripped off — but in a good way. Check out this parody of “Stay With Me” called “Beat Brady.” Nice to know we here in Seattle aren’t the only ones who want ... Read More »

Russell Wilson’s new website! (link)


Our beloved Seahawks QB Russell Wilson announced his new website on Twitter this week:   It’s already a big hit, because just SECONDS after he tweeted that, his new website crashed! But it’s now fixed and ready for you to check out! To follow Russell Wilson on Twitter, click right HERE. Go Hawks! Read More »

Jeff Bridges wants to put you to sleep


Nobody’s sure at this point if this is a joke, or a real thing, but you have to love Jeff Bridges, a.k.a. The Dude, for trying something a little different. When you’re watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, you’re going to see a commercial for Squarespace, the company that helps you create your own website. (Kind of like GoDaddy.) The ... Read More »

What’s everybody eating at YOUR Super Bowl party?


Chances are, it’s not going to be the healthiest four hours of your week. Experts say the average fan will scarf down an epic 2400 calories during the typical Super Bowl, which is actually more than the number of calories you’re supposed to consume in an entire 24 hours. My favorite fun fact: We’re going to gobble up 1.25 billion ... Read More »

Drinking THIS Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym?!?!


Cheers to THIS study…ESPECIALLY if you love red wine! Apparently red wine has a compound in it that is very healthy for you…just like exercise. Almost sounds too good to be true…doesn’t it??   image via used under creative commons) Read More »

Looking for a baby name? How about taking your inspiration from “Frozen?”


The website BabyName Wizard says that the hit Disney movie Frozen — which is already inspiring so many aspects of our culture — is now the source for lots of new baby names. Beyond just the names of characters in the film, Frozen has inspired a whole new interest in Nordic names for newborn kiddos. The site lists all of ... Read More »