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Effortless, Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas.


Halloween procrastinators…this is for you! If you STILL haven’t figured out your Halloween costume…here are some quick and easy ideas that may help out. image via Althouse Cohen used under creative commons) Read More »

30/10 WEEK 3: Day 21: My Third Weigh In! Results Are..


So sharing some fun news!  You’ve heard me talk about my 30/10 Weight Loss For Life Program  yes?  WOW! Just take a look at the difference between week 1 and week 3!  I’m down 14lbs.  A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  I’ve never done a diet program before, but this one caught my attention because it’s re-training me to ‘eat to live’, not ‘live to ... Read More »

Most Freddy Krueger’s Live Here! (People with Horror Icon Names)


Do you know anyone named Michael Myers? How about Freddy Krueger? Or maybe Lizzy Borden, there are four in this country with that name. Most Freddy Krueger’s live in Washington State! People in the U.S. with names of famous Horror Icons, Wow what a list-Mark Christopher Here’s the full 13-item (natch) list. 1. Michael Myers (Halloween): 4,282; 333 in Ohio. ... Read More »

WEEK 3: Day 21: My Third Weigh In! Results Are..


OCTOBER 27th, 2014/MONDAY:  Ready for this?  I’ve lost 14lbs!   The pounds are one thing, losing inches are another!  Look at the photo and you’ll notice my upper arms have shrunk some, my back and bum also trimming down.  My posture as well MUCH better!  Clothes are noticeably feeling and fitting better.  In fact, my pants are getting loose and belt ... Read More »

Starbucks Has A Secret Halloween Drink ONLY Available For 3 Days!


All you have to do is ask for it! It’s the “Franken Frappuccino” and it’s only available Oct 29th through Halloween. It’s sounds minty and delicious! If you want to try one, you should probably do it sooner than later.   image via Di Carlo used under creative commons) Read More »

Happy National Chocolate Day!


Well THIS is pretty convenient considering that Halloween is coming up on Friday and chocolate treats seem to be EVERYWHERE these days! So instead of passing up that candy dish today…indulge a little (or A LOT) and celebrate National Chocolate Day! Another good reason to enjoy some chocolate…it’s healthy for you. Honest!! AND….it’s good for your memory too!    image ... Read More »

Week Five – Smiley, Rocky and Lulu


Meet Smiley, Rocky and Lulu the wonderful pups from our fourth week of Wet Nose Wednesdays! All three of these wonderful dogs are currently living at PAWS, but they are all looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs (or any of the other amazing animals currently at PAWS) they would love to hear from you: View ... Read More »

Neighbor Leaves Note Telling Mom To Shut Her Baby Up!


Babies cry…it’s a fact. When it happens in public,  there will always be people that cast the not so friendly  and judgy looks your way but how would YOU react to a neighbor having an issue with your child crying in your own home and leaving a note like this on your door? Read More »

Most GOOGLED Halloween Costume in Washington State…


I thought for sure it would be either a ZOMBIE or Elsa from FROZEN for Washington state.  Nope.  In fact, it’s not a costume for kids or adults at all!  Yup.  It’s one for our pets. This map, made by SumoCoupon, a website that offers discounts at various stores, shows which Halloween costumes are the most “trending” in each state. ... Read More »