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Remembering why Memorial Day is important

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You’ve got a three-day weekend. The sun is shining. You’re grilling, or hiking, or heading to Northwest Folklife, or Sasquatch, or just hanging out with the family. Not to get all heavy on you here, but what’s Memorial Day really about? It’s a day to remember and honor the people who died serving in America’s armed forces. And if you’d …

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Traveling This Weekend? Here’s What You Need To Know.

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Whether by road or by sea…OR if you’re just sticking around town, here are some things that could make getting around a little easier or at the VERY least…prepare you. Safe travels! Here’s to a Happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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Last Minute Memorial Weekend Road-Trip Getaways! [list]

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If you’re looking for a road trip with options (like ferries vs. bridges and hotels vs. campgrounds), Hood Canal is the place to go. One of my favs and always a nice ferry ride (though the drive is nice too).   Handful of other roadtrips you can take (HERE). And if they aren’t already booked out, some of our favorite lodges …

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Wine Pairing For Your BBQ This Weekend

With an extended holiday weekend, I’m sure everyone will be BBQ-ing for Memorial Day as we Honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice for this country, so that means your BBQ needs to be on point for you and your guest, what meats and wines should you get to pair together? Here is a list to help you out.

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Today Is “Red Nose Day”.

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If you’ve been seeing a bunch of people sporting those big rubber red noses…it’s for a very good cause!

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