Sean Michaels

Time For Tip-Off at Key Arena!


The Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Tournament is underway! Regular season champion Oregon State (26-3, 16-2) is the top seed at the annual tournament, this year at Seattle’s KeyArena March 5-8.  Some AWESOME players, and the competition is fierce!  Check the bracket (HERE).   Tickets (HERE) Read More »

She Went To The Hospital For Stomach Pains And Came Home…With A Baby!


Ever wonder how someone can be pregnant for nine months and have ZERO idea? Like, did you miss the signs? Weight gain? No menstrual cycles? Ho, hum, a tiny living being moving around in your belly? Yeah, well, it actually happens in real life, and it happened to THIS woman. Could you imagine going to the hospital for stomach pains ... Read More »

March is Dine Around Seattle month!

Chef in hotel or restaurant kitchen cooking, only hands, he is w

Ready to eat out? Dine Around Seattle gives you a chance to try some of our area’s best restaurants for a great deal. 63 participating restaurants – including Peso’s, Flying Fish and The Georgian – offering 3-course dinners for $33 and 3-course lunches for $18 (tax and gratuity not included). Check out the list of participating restaurants right HERE. Dine ... Read More »

Adam Levine really knows how to put a shy kid at ease


A 10-year-old boy named Christopher Warner lives in Maryland, and happens to be a mega-fan of Adam Levine and Maroon 5. He also happens to have Down Syndrome. One of his special education teachers posted a video on YouTube showing Christopher singing along to Maroon 5 songs and talking about his affection for the band: When the band got wind ... Read More »

Kate Bosworth, Betty Blue and Chester

Betty Blue, dog WNW March 4

It’s Wet Nose Wednesday and we have two beautiful dogs and one amazing cat for your viewing pleasure! Yes, you did a double take, that’s because I look just like the famous Kate Bosworth (but of course I’m MUCH cuter!). I may have a different colored eye, but that’s what makes me unique! I would love to find my forever home ... Read More »

Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Tour 2015


Fresh off a couple notable performances at the Grammys 2015 and the Brit Awards 2015, where she fell after getting caught on a cape, the singer has just announced her new tour, according to The tour kicks off Aug. 29 in Miami and includes a show on Oct. 1 at Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit. Tickets for Madonna’s ... Read More »

New Release Tuesday! Kelly Clarkson, Brandi Carlile & Noel Gallagher…


Lots of new music today!   I sampled the Kelly Clarkson ‘Piece by Piece’, Noel Gallagher (formerly OASIS)  ‘Chasing Yesterday‘, and our very own Brandi Carlile ‘The Firewatcher’s Daughter’. All are very good and i like them for different reasons.  But that Brandi Carlile, wow.  She’s amazing and this album is full of great messages, soulful music and truly one of ... Read More »

Wake Up… It’s National Pancake Day!!


Well HERE’S a reason to roll out of bed this morning and have a great day, IHOP’s National Pancake Day is in full force today! From 7am-10pm, IHOP will be giving away a free stack of pancakes! While the cakes are free, they are asking that you make a donation to help out the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals or other ... Read More »