Mark Christopher

Prom Date “Celebrity” requests, and assist? (video)

Last week I mentioned that many students are planning Celebrity/Prom Invites with creative videos on You Tube. Last year there were  nine that  actually brought  response from the chosen celebrity.  Here is the first of 2014.   Stefan actually has a girl in mind named Maddie…but how to get her to say Yes?  He attended a performance of ALL THE WAY ... Read More »

Bring the the kids Saturday to Emerald Downs (Interview)


The tradition continues and with it has come major changes to excite the family. Horse racing at Emerald Downs has really worked on ideas to make it fun as a family experience.  WARM 1069 staff will all be there this Saturday and looking for you.  Just how good of a family experience?  Here is Sue and I with Joe Withee ... Read More »

Sea Gals Tryouts (one minute can change your life!)

seagals blue

Last year I had Sea Gals  Courtney and Laura meet with me to really help women understand whats involved with Sea Gals Cheerleaders  Tryouts. This  may calm you down after watching an episode of  “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders”, Making The Team” series. Please share this with anyone who is seeking this fun..yes, its a paid gig and travel among all the ... Read More »

Another to join list of Icon Seattle Restaurant’s that are no longer…


How many can you think of?  Longtime faves of the neighborhood or of Seattle now gone.  Most recent news is that the Ballard Ivar’s Seafood Bar will close after this Sunday.  Listeners shred this morning some of the best of the city….Dags Burgers, The Dog House, Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor (The Mt. Rainier!!)…and then (click and listen)     Read More »

Dave Mathews Band Gorge 2014 (be first on this)


Each year around this time of year you will see me as Pledge Host on KCTS  (PBS).  One of the more popular events we do is a PBS Concert of Dave Mathews Band. We then offer tickets to his annual Labor Day Concerts at The Gorge as a Thank You Gift for your financial support to Public Television.  These seats  ... Read More »

Tax Refund? It’s coming (check here)


If you can remember the exact Refund total (actual dollars)  and have your social security number handy you can see where the IRS is with your refund.  Here is the website,-Easy,-and-Secure. Read More »

Brian takes pictures of Drivers who Text (interview)

Brian has a new job that now involves a commute of Freeway travel. He sees so many drivers texting that he wants to save lives, with his camera.  This is a “gotta hear this” for anyone you know who is still having problems putting down the phone while driving.  His interview with us on WARM is below,       ... Read More »

Celtic Woman arrives with Spring ! (Interview with Mark)

Celtic Woman helps some of the most dedicated fans define how great Spring can be here in Puget Sound.  Their new  “Celtic Woman Emerald” will be a treat for the whole family Tuesday night (3/25) at Comcast Arena in Everett.  I was able to finally talk with Maread’ Nesbitt (who never gets to talk or sing because she is all ... Read More »