Mark Christopher

Ten years of The Notebook (Rachel McAdams Audition)


Ten  years today came the release of  “The Notebook”.  Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.  For this  “Mark’s Milestone Moment” lets see Rachel’s audition that got her the role!  Mark Christopher Read More »

Sue Romero is a popular Google Search, Is this my Co-Host you ask? (video)


A Mark Christopher name search on GOOGLE?   I own a Car Dealership, I’m a Pro Golfer and have a line of Hair Products (right). My Co-Host Sue Romero is suddenly bringing listeners to WARM with smiles, nice, whoa and OMG comments. Many are excited to meet her at many Seafair events this Summer.  When I did a Sue Romero name ... Read More »

Seafair Pirates Landing looking for Pat O’Day “Imitational” (voice showdown)

pat mark

Pat O’Day , a  longtime Seattle broadcaster   and voice of the Seafair Hydroplane Races gets a first.  In celebration of the 65th Seafair, Pat has been asked to Emcee the beach stage this Saturday at the Seafair Pirate landing (ALKI Beach-West Seattle).  The Pirates knowing of his many years of Seafair have a special tribute and thanks for his many ... Read More »

“Shark Week” has competition”Christmas Keepsake”


I shared this just this morning as a Mile Of Smile…..and since Warm 106.9 is The Seattle Christmas station.  Hallmark Channel is bringing  “Christmas Keepsake”, a holiday celebration beginning on Friday, July 4, 2014  lasting until Sunday, July 13th at midnight. TEN DAYS! and 24hours of rolling one great Holiday  Season favorite after another. This will also give you sneak ... Read More »

Stars who get Sidewalk Stars, (2015 List)


“The Walk of Fame” Selection Committee is excited to announce the Class of 2015 Star Honorees to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Over the next few months here are the smiles who will receive the honor.  When many visit California the number one question among all Stars on the sidewalk, why are there two Michael Jackson’s?  Mark Christopher MOTION PICTURES: ... Read More »

Amanda Bynes, Sue Romero? (voice-a-like sample)


You often listen to the radio and hear a voice that reminds you of somebody. WARM 106.9 listener, Carrie,  sent me this MP3  and  insisted I give it a listen.   Its a voice clip of actress Amanda Bynes next to a recent commercial voiced by  my Co-host Sue Romero…… below and see what you think.  – Mark Christopher Read More »

Blooper’s announced in FROZEN


It changed our view of movies like GREASE and Star Wars.  This week comes a sudden increase of research from a variety of sources who have addictions in  the Movie Bloopers of popular movies.  Most recent?  The movie FROZEN.   While most of us have seen the Disney hit more than once.  Here is another “fun” reason to see it ... Read More »

Fremont Solstice “Painted Cyclist’s” (info)


The Summer Solstice (This Saturday) brings so many people of all ages, shapes and sizes (and Bikes)  to one of the most popular Summer Parades in the World!  It’s one of the main entries for the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade (Seattle) .  The Painted Cyclists Parade.  It’s the one day that we spend a fortune on Body Paint among some ... Read More »

Seattle’s natural for TEEN Actors for TV & Movies (info-interview)


How many televisions shows and movies have been shot in this area?  How many people have done well on Reality television competition?  Mark Christopher was a presenter at the 5th Ave Awards (A High School version of the Tony Awards) just a week ago.  Many students asked him if there was much need for Teens these days for TV or ... Read More »