Mark Christopher

Inside a Dishwasher as a Plate (gotta see video)


Have you ever wondered what your dishes go through in a dishwasher machine  before the next use.  What a bath, and what a splash. This might help men understand why its so important to load the unit correctly….   Watch this.   -Mark Christopher (Inside A Dishwasher) Read More »

‘Alice” of Brady Bunch on The Dating Game (video)

anne b davis

She never married, she never had children but was seen by millions as the best Housekeeper.  With the news that actress Anne B. Davis (Alice-The Brady Bunch) passing away reminded me of the time she actually was a Bachelorette on The Dating Game TV Show .  ….and what questions she asked !  – Mark Christopher (click here)  The Dating Game ... Read More »

Fuel Light ON? How far can you go? (answers)

low fuel light

Thursdays are the biggest day of the week for Fuel Lights ON……There is then a mystery how many more miles you can go. All vehicles and driving habits make this answer  different.  Simply go to tankonempty and you can enter your vehicle (Make & Model) and see the results.  Happy road trips! -Mark Christopher Read More »

James Taylor TX and JT personal Guitar lesson (class info)

JT guitar

We still  have  giveaway of the  Key Arena for  James Taylor Tx at Contest Page. While the actual All Star Band list  remains mystery for  each city. Look for Blue Lou on Sax. His stage included the SNL Band and  The Blues Brothers (In movie Ray Charles scene at music store, The guy with long hair who ran out of ... Read More »

Wedding season is here….3 Pieces of marriage advice favored


Some Jive for your Java today shared this morning on WARM.   A good  Marriage?  Ask anyone and they will say, “We have the perfect marriage”, then comes,  “It’s the most difficult job ever”.  A recent article has many saying “Thats it”!  if there are three pieces of advice of  marriage. Have a look and see what you think.- Mark Christopher ... Read More »

KCTS COOKS (See if your on list for Saturday TV)


Mark Christopher is Host of KCTS9 Cooks.  Here is a list of some of the home cooks  (and recipes) who will share and prepare foods with Mark on LIVE TV (no practice, no rehearse).  About  200 recipes were submitted for a new Cook Book.  KCTS Cooks “EVERYDAY” (recipes) airs at 11am this Saturday (repeat 3pm). Do you see anyone here ... Read More »

Yes! on camping Memorial Day Weekend (info)

Potholes 1

Right about now you start thinking how fun it would be to go camping on Memorial Day weekend.  Most years we would see all the favorite places already taken and reserved weeks in advance.  Good news! Because of Discover Pass (Access to DNR lands), Boating Card (anyone operating watercraft over 15 hp motor) and gas prices, many have decided to ... Read More »

Whose COOKING on TV with Mark Christopher

Cooks 4

The final choices have been selected among many at home cooks   throughout the Puget Sound who submitted recipes for the  KCTS9 COOKS “EVERYDAY” Theme.  I’ll have a list later this week (recipe and guest cooks) who will be on LIVE TV (no second takes or rehearsal ) this Saturday from 11am-3pm on KCTS  (repeat 3pm-7pm)  The only show on ... Read More »

Mom-O Rama of Free, Discount & Specials From Faves (Mothers Day Deals)


Many of Mom’s favorite stores, restaurants, and places of fun are getting word out today what they have for your Mom.  What a great salute for this weekend of ‘Thanks Mom For All You Do!”  Here is a complete list of the deals and steals  for you to share with Mom.-Mark Christopher “Mothers Day Deals” Read More »