Mark Christopher

Seattle’s natural for TEEN Actors for TV & Movies (info-interview)


How many televisions shows and movies have been shot in this area?  How many people have done well on Reality television competition?  Mark Christopher was a presenter at the 5th Ave Awards (A High School version of the Tony Awards) just a week ago.  Many students asked him if there was much need for Teens these days for TV or ... Read More »

Northwest Farmers Fighting Hunger


Listeners joined Warm 106.9  and Mark Christopher at the Ballard Fred Meyer store to help kick off The Northwest Farmers Fighting Hunger campaign, and to win fabulous prizes at the Warm tent! Fred Meyer has partnered with the Dairy Farmers of Washington, Food Lifeline, and Second Harvest to help END summertime hunger in WA. It’s the summertime months when hunger insecurity ... Read More »

Bicycles and tow behind Hydros needed! (World Record Time)

mini hydro

This Sunday, Dad will be excited to know that a World Record attempt is about to happen for a longtime Seattle tradition.  All ages are asked to bring bicycles and homemade mini Hydroplanes to Westlake Center.  The 2014 Seafair Kickoff Gala will include this one of a kind fun.  Chip Hanauer (World Champion Hydroplane Driver) will be Emcee.  Here is ... Read More »

CHICAGO performs “NOW, XXXVI” this Saturday 9am (your party invitation)


The band CHICAGO has  charted music for five decades (first group  to do this).   Fans are still talking about the  2014 Grammy’s when they teamed with artist Robin Thicke for a CHICAGO song montage.  In July they will release a new album “NOW, XXXVI and late Summer  be here in our area for a Concert.  Today Mark Christopher got wind ... Read More »

Do you know today’s Powerball Jackpot?


This is an announcement from the Washington’s Lottery Jackpot Alert System. Today’s estimated Powerball jackpot is 257 million dollars! Players may experience imagination overload.  Please prepare your imagination accordingly. Visit for details. Read More »

Taste of Mexico QFC Appearance


Listeners joined Warm 106.9 and Mark Christopher at the Sammamish QFC for Taste of Mexico! It’s a fiesta for your senses at QFC! Come savor world flavor during the Taste of Mexico and find traditional ingredients and recipes to bring the fiesta home to your own kitchen. Warm 106.9 was on-site with fun games and fabulous prizes, so everyone stopped ... Read More »

450,000 Eggs a week! Seattle’s “Beths Cafe” celebrates “60″


Once voted Best for a Hangover, Beth’s Cafe (Aurora Ave N.-Green Lake) is celebrating 60 years this week.  Saturday,  a big event is planned with a “50s Theme  & Costume event and Prom fun. Beths is best known for the “12 Egg Omelet”  (eat it all and get it FREE was along running campaign) and the “All you can eat ... Read More »

Breast Cancer Awarness even in the Trees! (Photo)

breast cancer

The month of May 2014  will be known as a one of the  better campaigns  for Breast Cancer Awareness.  So many seem to be at better jobs and have the time to donate efforts.  All the events, The Race, and The Kickoff Party (Hard Rock Cafe-Seattle)  all did more than expected to get the word out. It brought so many ... Read More »

Inside a Dishwasher as a Plate (gotta see video)


Have you ever wondered what your dishes go through in a dishwasher machine  before the next use.  What a bath, and what a splash. This might help men understand why its so important to load the unit correctly….   Watch this.   -Mark Christopher (Inside A Dishwasher) Read More »