Mark Christopher

Downhill Ski GO PRO (video for desktop daydream)

snowman attacks Space Needle

I see many of these that are sent to me.  If you are waiting on snow in the mountains most ski areas will see a good dump this weekend.  Most areas near Seattle are open for the season but still posting signs “Limited Operations”. Until then maybe you would just like to go for a face front ride down a ... Read More »

KURT (from the original movie) Plans 5th Ave Theater “Sing Along”


See our won Mark Christopher at Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music/5th Ave Theater-Seattle,  as a special guest host on Friday night and Saturday night at 7:00 PM. Join Mark and a few special guests,  for this fantastic interactive cinematic experience. Experience the music, the cinema, and the antics with fans from all walks of life. Duane Chase (KURT Von Trapp) from ... Read More »

Seattle Polar Bear Swim “New Years Day” (info)


If you have a Polar Bear Swim on your “2015 To Do” list, here is confirmation of two of Seattle’s best.  Both of them advise a 10am arrival for all being set for the 12:00  Noon event. Alki hopes for over 500 swimmers  (Set a new record) and Duke’s has always been good for a cup of Clam Chowder right ... Read More »

Playoff Ticket Information (2014 Season)


Here You Go Seattle Football Fans… 98% Season Ticket Holders have RESERVED tickets already. A pre-sale for the first half of Blue Pride season ticket wait-list members will begin on Monday, December 29, at 10 a.m. through online Account Manager. Tickets will go on-sale to the public on Tuesday, December 30 at 10 a.m. Tickets for the public on-sale will ... Read More »

Super Slow Motion Snow Balls In The Face (artistic video)


Finally we see some steady snow hit the mountains and Winter  has arrived based on the calendar.  Each year the higher percentage of snow chance in Seattle is between Dec 27 through  Jan 15th. Here is some fun of of the season.  Watch people take a snowball in the face at super slow motion.-Mark C Read More »

Relationship’s Ending Bring Break Up Bargains! (Shopping Link)

couple-breaks-up1 It is so sad when there are relationship breakups this time of year. It’s part of life as Mom use to say.  Now comes an idea that many feel should is way overdue . Have a bunch of tacky items  your ex left behind because they didn’t have the decency to take it with them when they left? ... Read More »

Cats vs Christmas Tree’s (video must see)


Cats and Christmas tree’s have such a fun relationship. This will be my first Christmas without my Cat (Frankie). I have to say that at almost 20 years old she never messed with any of the seven  tree’s we decorate at the house.  Just watch the fun here the many cats that have addiction. -M C Claus   Read More »

Seattle Music Icon’s Create Seattle’s Own Christmas Variety Show (info)


Seattle was listed this week in the top five for “Best Decorated U.S. Cities For Christmas.  For many years many of us have asked, ” Why doesn’t Seattle have it’s own Christmas Show from among all those great icon’s who live here?”   Just think of all the talent in this area over the years (recording artist’s, performer’s, reality TV star’s).  ... Read More »

Neighborhood Synchronizes Christmas Lights … Mesmerizing! (video)


In Hawaii,  all these neighbors decided to work the rhythm and the timing to make this  a “Christmas Lights Ensemble  Neighborhood”.  Warm Weather Getaway Winners of WARM 1069?  If you are in Waikele during the holidays send me an  e-mail and I’ll give you directions- Read More »

A Gift Of Castaway Mary Ann, A Book Of Life (interview)


Dawn Wells spent three years Prime Time and 40 year’s Syndicated as Mary Ann on the hit TV series Gilligan’s Island. Today she is in Seattle, Here is why (listen below)-Mark C Note;   Barnes And Noble in Bellevue (last minute change for Seattle 7pm  today)   626 106th Avenue N E Bellevue, Washington98004   Read More »