[LISTEN] NEW Christmas Music 2016!

Let’s dive deeper than Pentatonix. After all, you’re listening to Seattle’s CHRISTMAS station. Do I really need to present you with the California Roll of Christmas Music? You’re way beyond the “starter” menu. (Ok just one more fish reference…)

Here’s the sashimi of the season:

Eric Hutchinson, “This Christmas” 

Eric Hutchinson is one of my year-round all-time favorites. If the tiny bit of hipster in you wants to move beyond the Grobans and Bubles, here’s your man.

She & Him, “Christmas Party”

Zoey Dechannel (Yes, New Girl!!!)+ M Ward (Homegrown PNW!!!) If you’re looking for high octane honey pipes with a throwback flair, Zoey’s your vocalist.


The Killers, “Don’t Waste Your Wishes”

This is the ultimate palate cleanser. YES, still very much Christmas. BUT, it will beautifully break up the pop and ballad monotony.


Lauren Daigle, “Behold”

If you’re looking for the cred of a dusky jazz club and a collection where the music isn’t just a 2nd thought to vocals, this is it! Grab a warm glass of mood altering delight, and escape the world for an hour or so.

Andra Day, “Merry Christmas”

In a world of Christmas covers that sound like a holiday karaoke bar, Andra wraps her unmistakable personality and style into every note. If you’re looking for an album to please EVERYONE, you found it.

Happy shopping 🙂



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