[Listen @6pm] Election Night 2016 From The North Pole!

Have you heard of Election Stress Disorder? Yeah, it’s a thing.

We’re stressed over the issues. We’re stressed over the aggressive debate and campaign behavior. We’re stressed about making the right decision. We’re stressed over the uncertainty as we await the results. Some studies indicate that Millennials and older voters are MOST affected.

In this tsunami of stressors, what can The New Warm 106.9 do?

  1. Play Christmas Music. In fact, if YOU sing along to it…THIS study finds that, “The musical vibrations move through you, altering your physical and emotional landscape.” Christmas Music hits your radio at 6pm. In the meantime, stream it!
  2. Contests. THIS study finds that not only does winning make you feel good, it will “Change your biology, making you more likely to overcome increasingly harder challenges in the future.”

Tonight, from 6pm-MID, when the cortisol monster is threatening your sanity and health…

Take a breath…

Vote for “Red & Green in 2016!” by muting your TV, and cranking up the Christmas Music!*



*For optimal results, sing along.



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HI! I have a dog who sleeps in a cat tree and a cat who comes when he's called. I'm fueled by coffee, music & optimism. Things like yoga and gardening fill my warm weather weekends. I strongly believe that mini golf IS a sport, words are weapons and beauty exists in the spaces between definition. Ask me anything...Except regarding Fight Club...I won't talk about Fight Club.