List of America’s Best Coffee Shops … and only one in Seattle? (list)

List of America’s Best Coffee Shops … and only one in Seattle? (list)

That’s right. The list of “America’s 50 Best Coffee Shops” from The Daily Meal - a website dedicated to “all things food and drink” – was just released. The only coffee shop in Seattle to make it was #7 – Milstead & Co. in Fremont.


Maybe the compilers of the list didn’t want to be too obvious? Maybe because Seattle could be seen as the center of the coffee universe, they couldn’t decide amongst so many wonderful places, and therefore could only pick one? Who knows.


I can think of few shops I would put on that list, but then, I live here so maybe that doesn’t count.

See The Daily Mail’s list of “America’s 50 Best Coffee Shops”, here.

See the original article posted by Seattle Refined (who I have to agree with), here.

Link to #7 on the list, Milstead & Co in Fremont.

Which shop do you think belongs on that list?

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