Lazy ‘Elf on the Shelf’?  Some Quick Excuses For Ya…

Lazy ‘Elf on the Shelf’? Some Quick Excuses For Ya…

I’m sure your not the only parent who has woken up to a child in a frantic “Mom, Elfie didn’t move last night!” Suddenly, you’re scrambling to try to explain why Elfie decided to slack off. Seriously Elfie, you had ONE JOB.

LOL!   We’ve gathered some ‘quick’ and fun excuses for you in the event it should happen again.

Your elf didn’t move because…


1. Elfie really likes this spot. I think he wanted to hang out for one more day.

2. Oh, see, I think he moved a little bit! See yesterday he was 1 centimeter this way…

3. You must have been so good that Elfie didn’t need to fly to Santa last night! Congrats!

4. Oh, I think he loved how excited you were to find him yesterday so he hid there again.

5. Sometimes even elves need a little break, just like Mommy.

6. Hmmmm, maybe you didn’t go to sleep early enough last night? Think that’s it?

7. This is Elfie’s favorite room in the house because you’re always in here.

8. It’s an Elf Holiday. He was up really late.

9. I think you woke up too early, honey. Try to go back to sleep and see if he has moved when you wake up.

10. It was too windy last night in the North Pole and Elfie decided to stay in our cozy house. He’ll fly back to Santa tonight.

11. He’s saving his magic up for something really cool tonight! (If you use this one, Do. Not. Let. Elfie. Slack.)

12. He didn’t want to give Santa a bad report, so he’s giving you an extra day to be really good!

13. Uh oh, he got stuck! Let Mommy see if I can move him a bit.

14. Elfie enjoyed too much elf nog and ate too many cookies last night. I’m kidding, don’t use this one.

15. I think Elfie forgot to move because he was up late wrapping presents for his friends.

16. Sometimes elves pick the same spot to make sure you were paying attention. You are! Good job!

17. Oh, he’s so silly! I think he forgot he was there yesterday!

After Elfie forgot to move yesterday I set a reminder on my phone to make sure I remind him to move each night. Hopefully that helps keep Elfie in line for the rest of December. We can do this, elves and elf parents!


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