Credit: Present Perfect Film

Kickstarter for heart-warming film about the young and old

Local filmmaker Evan Briggs is making a documentary called “Present Perfect,” about a preschool inside Providence Mount St. Vincent retirement in West Seattle – and how toddlers and senior citizens bring joy to each others’ lives. This film in an incredible reminder of how we should each stop and ‘live in the moment.’

Briggs’ first Kickstarter campaign for $50,000 was fully funded, but now she needs help to finish this incredibly touching and important project.

There’s just 2 weeks left to raise $50,000 more ($100,000 in total), then we’ll will get to see this magical film!

To donate, check out her Kickstarter campaign for “Present Perfect.”

And you must also watch the trailer for “Present Prefect.”

From the Kickstarter campaign page:


The inspiration for Present Perfect stemmed from a longstanding desire to explore the experience of aging in America. As a filmmaker, I’m drawn to simple, subtle stories that provide a framework for much bigger ideas, stories that promote reflection, revealing new layers of complexity that ultimately expand our way of thinking about a particular topic and even, perhaps, our entire world view. I love films that really make you think– and not just in the moment, but for days, weeks, even months following. After spending a few days observing the residents and kids at The Mount, I knew this was one of those stories.

Present Perfect was filmed at the Providence Mount St. Vincent retirement home in Seattle, WA, also home to the Intergenerational Learning Center, over the course of the 2012-2013 school year.


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