Just when you thought you’d seen all the colors . . . here’s a new one

Hey, that’s not just yellow — that’s Minion Yellow, from Pantone, the company that creates colors, determines color trends, and I guess makes those little paint chips you take home from Lowe’s.

Minion Yellow marks the first time that a color has been created and named after a character in a movie — and as anybody with kids knows, Minions first appeared in the Despicable Me movies and will have their own spin-off, or really a prequel, this summer with the movie called simply Minions.

According to the Pantone Color Institue Team who created the new color, it . . .

“heightens awareness and creates clarity…the color of hope, joy and optimism.”

Okay, if you say so. It looks pretty much like regular old yellow to me! But perhaps in the next few months  your kids will be sporting a Minion Yellow t-shirt or you’ll be driving a Minion Yellow car. It could happen!


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