Happy Birthday Ivar Haglund

Happy 112th Birthday to Ivar Haglund!

Ivar Haglund began the popular restaurant chain bearing his name in 1938, when he opened a fish and chips stand at his Seattle aquarium, which was located on the Waterfront at Pier 3 (now Pier 54). He was revered for his sense of whimsy including his popular radio ditties and his comical stunts such as clam eating contests, taking advantage of a train car syrup spill to serve up pancakes, and an Ivar’s clam postage stamp caper. He passed away in 1985 just shy of his 80th birthday. To learn more about Ivar and view timeline photos, visit: www.ivars.com/our-story

Ivar’s has all kinds of specials to celebrate the occasion, check them out here!


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