Hey Kool Aid!

You really can’t make this stuff up, eh?

Kool Aid Man is busting through a polling station near you: A candidate for Mayor of Terrace, Canada could look familiar! Kool-Aid Man is vying for the top spot in the city. Comedian Danny Nunes is wearing the Kool-Aid costume while he campaigns, saying; “I am sure you have heard the phrase, ‘don’t drink the Kool-Aid’ during elections or about political parties. It’s an emphasis on trying to get young people out to the polls to vote, and try and get the voter turnout in Terrace up a little bit higher than usual. It’s a unique way of telling people there’s an election coming up. How do you get young people to turn out to the polls? This is how you do it. Through Kool-Aid.”

Listen here!

We found some hilarious material from comedian Dane Cook on the Kool Aid Man…

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