Happy 29th Birthday Adele!

Born on May 5th, 1988, Warm 106.9 is celebrating the 29th birthday of artist extraordinaire, Adele!

It was this month ten years ago when Adele began recording her debut album, 19  featuring the platinum selling single, “Chasing Pavements.” Adele jump started her career with a vocal talent unparalleled by any other 19 year old (or older for that matter), and had the songwriting skills to back up such a powerful singing voice. Now almost a decade later, Adele has gifted the world with three studio albums, in addition to a number of guest vocal appearances, and the 2012 James Bond single, “Skyfall.”

To celebrate Adele’s birthday today, Warm DJ Heather has shared her archived interview with Adele from the release of “Rolling in the Deep”.

Or read the transcript at the end of this article. We also asked DJ Shellie Hart to share some of her experiences listening to Adele.

WARM: When do you remember first hearing Adele’s music?
Shellie Hart: I don’t recall the exact moment, but I do know it was “Rolling In The Deep” and thinking “Wow…This song is a smash!” One of those that you hear on a first listen and can immediately sing along to.

WARM: With a voice like Adele, did learning her young age surprise you?
Shellie Hart: Not so much as it was refreshing and unique. Her mature & distinct sound reminded me of some of my favorite artists of the 80’s like Alison Moyet.

WARM: Do you have a favorite Adele song?
Shellie Hart: I like them all but a favorite is “Make You Feel My Love.” It’s the least played on the radio, and catches me off guard how good it really is!

WARM: How do you think “Skyfall” compares to other James Bond themes? We’ve had classics from Paul McCartney, Sam Smith, Carly Simon, Duran Duran, Sheena Easton, and Shirley Bassey.
Shellie Hart: Like all the others, timeless.

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