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Great Father’s Day idea: Interview Dad on your smartphone

This guy from USA Today has a pretty good Father’s Day idea. Instead of giving Dad a gift he really doesn’t need, why don’t you create a little audio time capsule by interviewing him about his life and his memories? I know my dad used to love to talk about “the old days,” and now I wish I had some of those stories on tape or on video so I could revisit them, or even share them with my own kid. Well, thanks to the smartphones we all have now, it’s easy to get started on a project like this. As the guy explains, you could easily do this on video, too, but you can use your phone like a news reporter uses a mike and just do a nice audio interview that will capture what you need. (In my experience, parents are often less intimidated when they know there’s no video involved.) Here’s his 3-minute tutorial on how to do it. Happy Father’s Day!

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