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Go ahead, get that tattoo you’ve always wanted — it might boost your immune system!

If you’ve considered a tattoo, but you never quite got up the nerve to actually go under the needle, maybe this will be the incentive you need to go for it: According to a new study in the American Journal of Human Biology (yeah, it’s in our Warm 106.9 magazine rack right between InTouch and US Weekly) tattoos can strengthen your body’s immunological response. In other words, your body might be better at avoiding illness and infections than it was before you got the tattoo.

In a post at GlamourHealth, the lead researcher on this study, Christopher D. Lynn, PhD, says:

“When you stress yourself, either via exercise or a tattoo, cortisol suppresses immune response. As with exercise, if you keep it up, your body adjusts its systems or builds up its defenses in ways that accommodate the stress to the skin so that it can also deal with things like the common cold without getting all out of whack every time you get a new one.”

Take it from somebody who has a little bit of ink — getting a tattoo is definitely stressful. It hurts, but kind of in a good way. (I guess that’s the endorphins your body is releasing like crazy.)  And be aware that when you commit to a tattoo, sometimes you have to put up with critiques from friends and family members, like, “Why would you do that to your body?” Well now you have an answer — it looks cool, and it’s actually good for your body. So there!

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