Football Widows needing “Seahawks Go and what to know”

Football Widows needing “Seahawks Go and what to know”

The Seattle Seahawks are once again in a position for the NFL playoffs.  As many 12th Man reminders pop up all over the region this weekend maybe its time to bring you in the loop, the one who could careless about NFL Football, The Seahawks and perhaps you have earned the title of  Football Widow or Widower.

To have someone share with you of what could be and what is likely to happen might be good about now.  So here I will share with you the facts and figures of what 2013 has been for this team and the many fans.

* The Seahawks Football Team  began in 1976 as we opened the KINGDOME.  We lost our first game.
* The Seahawks have only appeared in one Superbowl, and it was a loss to the Pittsburg Steelers in 2005 (Actually the Refs won this game).
*  Right now the Seahawks are the best team among all  32 teams in The NFL. This is a first for them this late in the season.
*  We have two games left in the Regular season of 2013.  They are both Home games.  We host The Cardinals this Sunday and The Rams next Sunday.
* We have not lost a game here at home since Russel Wilson became our Quarterback. He joined the team as a Rookie last year.
*  A win this Sunday and the Seahawks clinch their Division (NFC).
* A win this Sunday  and the Seahawks get Home Field advantage in the NFL Playoffs (this is very big)
* A win this Sunday and the Seahawks will get a BYE for the first week of the playoffs (no game but some rest time)
* A win this Sunday means that they would have only two  games here at home in the NFL Playoffs.
* If the Seahawks win both of these playoff games, we get a Superbowl birth and play in front of a worldwide audience in Superbowl 48 on Feb 2, 2014. (yes, only two games from Superbowl)
* A Superbowl win gives Seattle and its fans thier first Lombardi Trophy and World Championship honors.
*The city of Seattle and Puget Sound will explode in cheers and have a major victory parade.

I hope it helps you understand a little more of whats going on. Oh,  I still hope you enjoy all the shopping with less crowds on Sunday when many are watching these games.

About Mark Christopher

Mark is native Seattle and a longtime Northwest & Seattle Radio connection. Colfax, Spokane, Shelton are among some of his radio roadway. From his connections to Seafair, Seattle tourism (Ride The Ducks Captain), and Northwest Musicians (he mastered efforts to put The Ventures in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame). He is Host of KCTS9 COOKS (PBS) and seen during major Pledge Drive campaigns. Only three things will get him outta bed before sunrise…Fishing, Skiing and being on radio giving you reasons to smile!

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