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Flip-flops: Summer’s most dangerous footwear! Here are some flip-flop safety tips

They’re cool when the weather’s hot, they’re cheap, you can throw ’em on quickly, and they come in every color and style under the sun. Sure, flip-flops are fun — but it turns out they’re dangerous, too.

I just saw an eye-opening report on the Today Show that ran down the many reasons flip-flops are actually bad for your feet, and maybe the rest of your body too. Shocking!

Check out the stats, from Today:

Of the 198,437 emergency room visits due to shoe-related injuries, 25,300 were associated with flip flops in 2014, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Emergency Room visits.

And there’s more. Podiatrists blame flip-flops for blisters, bacteria, viral infections, bad posture, shooting pains, bunion exacerbation (and formation!), hammertoe issues, athlete’s foot, and lack of arch support.

Well, that’s no fun.

The good news: You can still make flip-flops work for you if you follow a few simple rules: Don’t wear them when you’re driving, don’t buy the cheapest ones you can find, replace them when they start to get a little wear and tear, buy leather if you can, and watch where you’re walking to avoid glass and tripping hazards.

Watch the revealing two-minute story here.


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