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Finally, somebody actually designed a bicycle for women

And they didn’t just lower the center tube and paint it pink. That’s the old-school way of “designing” a bike for a woman’s specific anatomy. A new company called Liv Cycling has started from scratch, creating a full line of bikes that are made for women. Kelli Emmett is a professional competitive mountain biker who’s giving Liv input into their designs. In this article, she says:

“I’ve seen too many women buy bikes where they are stretched out because the top tube was too long or they had some contrived modification to get comfortable. This impacts your ability to ride with confidence and control, and the Liv bikes address that.” Creating from the ground up, they pay special attention to arm and finger length, lever space, inseam and torso, along with weight distribution—altogether creating dynamic and comfortable bikes.

How much, you ask? Well  . . . . let’s just say there’s a price point for every budget. Liv bikes start at $330 and run as high as (gulp!) $8300.

Biking season is here in the Northwest, so maybe this is the summer you get a bike that’s not just a modified guy’s ride. Read the full story here, and check out the Liv Cycling website.

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