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Check Out This New Sam Smith Song With John Legend! [VIDEO]


Sam Smith and John Legend…you can’t really go wrong with these two incredible talents! Sam just released a new version of “Lay Me Down,” featuring John Legend. The track will serve as the official single of Red Nose Day, a British charity event that happens every two years where people wear clown noses to help raise money and awareness for ... Read More »

30th Anniversary of BREAKFAST CLUB


Wow, did that time go by fast or what?!?!?   This movie is timeless, and a re-release on DVD has quite a bit of fun extras.  To top it off, there will be a special 2-date showing on the big screen at a theater near you!  Yup, on the 26th and 31st (this month).  Check it out here. You can also ... Read More »

Daylight Savings Means More Daylight And…More Danger.


Daylight savings is upon and while the extra daylight sure is nice as it is a SURE sign that summer is right around the corner, it also signifies a very dangerous day today with a pretty significant rise in car accidents, heart attacks and more due to people’s lack of sleep. For more on the dangers of daylight savings, check ... Read More »

Time For Tip-Off at Key Arena!


The Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Tournament is underway! Regular season champion Oregon State (26-3, 16-2) is the top seed at the annual tournament, this year at Seattle’s KeyArena March 5-8.  Some AWESOME players, and the competition is fierce!  Check the bracket (HERE).   Tickets (HERE) Read More »