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More Boats Says Seafair For Sundays “Special Cruise” (info)


Mark Christopher “Claus”  spoke with Jill at Seafair just this morning about this Sundays tradition, The “Seafair Special Holiday Cruise”.  Because of some boat changes this past Summer and schedules there is still need for some boats to handle the large group of “special guests” who would like to be part of this Holiday Season Boat Flotilla  (As many as ... Read More »

Gift ideas: best toys for kids – according to moms! (links)


The editors at tried out thousands of toys to find the most creative, clever and fun toys for young kids. Bonus: their choices promote science and education! See their “Best in Play” winners from the 2014 American International Toy Fair right HERE. Also, interesting…some of the most bizarre toys from the Toy Fair, according to, because, why not?   Read More »

Karen Carpenter Drum Solo (gotta see video)

The site uses images to explain objects.

Every Christmas The Carpenters are still a Top 5 Christmas Music choice for many.  Many still laugh when I share that Karen was the reason I learned to play the drums long ago.  Can this girl solo?  Yes!  have a look here at a TV special that most of us missed.-Mark Christopher   Read More »

Check Out These Tricky Ways Stores Try To Get You To Buy More Stuff.


We’re all hitting the stores and in full swing for Christmas shopping and while there seems to be a plethora of stores, sales, bargains “best offers” etc…it can all be a bit overwhelming. Before you get too deep into the holiday shopping, check out these four weird ways stores trick you into spending MORE money  than you really want to. ... Read More »

Lazy ‘Elf on the Shelf’? Some Quick Excuses For Ya…


I’m sure your not the only parent who has woken up to a child in a frantic “Mom, Elfie didn’t move last night!” Suddenly, you’re scrambling to try to explain why Elfie decided to slack off. Seriously Elfie, you had ONE JOB. LOL!   We’ve gathered some ‘quick’ and fun excuses for you in the event it should happen again. Your elf ... Read More »

#1 Toy That Conquers Boredom (Guess?)


Would you believe the one toy that still conquers boredom in a child (adults too) is Silly Putty.  This was a toy that was sent into space long ago to help astronauts conquer boredom.  I also used it to quiet my drums and to copy a fun comic picture  from a comic book.  Here, just look at all the fun!-Mark ... Read More »

1000 Wisemen, Sheep Herders, Camels, set “Living Nativity” Record


A total of 1000 angels, wise-men, sheep herders, camels, sheep and cows all attended a LIVING Nativity event in Provo Utah this week. A new World Record was established for most participants for what is a popular tradition at Christmas festivals all across the U.S. -Click below for Pictures-Mark C 1000 Nativity Read More »

Cute Babies And Their Reactions To Silly Noises. [VIDEO]


I’m SUPER excited to do this with our baby which is due in February! THIS is the video that had my wife and I in tears from laughter last night while laying in bed. Partially because…we’re 12 year old boys and also because…it’s pretty darn funny! Enjoy.   Read More »