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AJ is having an amazing time at Disneyland!

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AJ has had a great time on his first visit to Disneyland this week, helping them celebrate their 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration! He's also had the opportunity to talk with a bunch of interesting Disneyland Cast Members and to get some behind the scenes info straight from the source! Read More »

Show Your Colors with Community Crosswalks

Credit: SounderBruce

Special painted crosswalks are a great way to represent a neighborhood. They can be used to showcase a community’s unique culture and history or just liven up an intersection with artistic and colorful stripes. Love that it not only brightens up a street, but makes those crosswalks VERY obvious:) Interested in one in your neighborhood?  Start (HERE) Read More »

Blake Shelton Is Denying His “Romance” With Gwen Stefani.

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  Rumors have been flying around that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are dating but Blake is having NO TIME for these rumors. Blake Shelton seems to be denying his “romance” with Gwen Stefani and doing it with some really funny tweets. Yesterday he tweeted, “Getting ready this morning to go put in my deer plots and looked at Twitter…Damn ... Read More »

Blue Friday Special: The Best Sports Bars In Seattle To Watch The Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks Fans Gather To Watch The Super Bowl Against The Denver Broncos

It’s hard to believe but Seahawks season is upon us once again. This weekend, the boys open the regular season IN St. Louis to take on the Rams. If you’re looking for a good spot to watch the game this week or ANYTIME during the season. Check out the 25 best sports bars in and around Seattle to watch the ... Read More »

Habits of a Tidy Kitchen [checklist]

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I admire those with a picture perfect kitchen.  While I know I spend probably more time in it than my own bedroom, I just can’t seem to keep up with it.  I know it’s clean, but tidy?  Just don’t look in my cupboards, my fridge is jam-packed and likely more ‘junk’ drawers than utensils. So how do they do it?  ... Read More »

Seahawks Fan Launches A Go Fund Me Page For Holdout Kam Chancellor.

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Look, I love Bam Bam Kam as much as any other Seahawk but this guy has REALLY taken things to a whole new level buy opening a Go Fund Me page for Kam Chancellor who has been holding out due to contract issues since the beginning of training camp. His goal is to raise 2 MILLION dollars and so far ... Read More »