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What’s Trending For Monday July 13th.

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While you’ve been hard at work today…this is what’s trending both locally and nationally. #Minions, #Mariners, #CarrieUnderwood, #BrownEyes, BatmanVSuperman, PayRaises Read More »

The 8 Most Common Laws We Break.

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A new survey asked people who aren’t in jail what laws they break most often. Here are the top eight:  1. Speeding. 2. Having sex in a public place. (C’MON….REALLY though?) 3. Littering. 4. Illegally downloading music, tv shows or movies. 5. Taking stuff from a hotel room. 6. Taking recreational drugs. 7. Parking in a “no parking” zone. 8. ... Read More »

What’s Trending For Friday July 10th.

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Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest stories trending both locally and nationally. Happy Friday!! #TaylorSwift, #Minions, #USWNTParade, #Facebook, #Comicon Read More »

You’re A Poet! (and didn’t know it:)


Win a pair of tickets to see TRAIN, The FRAY and MATT NATHANSON at the Gorge on July 25th just for knowing this song: Steady rockin all night long. And we begin to rock steady, rockin till the break of dawn Answer:  Whispers ‘ROCK STEADY’ Congrats Danielle of Kent! Be the first to call when you hear the cue-2-call in ... Read More »

The Good News: A Woman Gave Her Husband A Kidney For Their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

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Mike and Jan Maulsby live in Clear Lake, Minnesota, and Mike’s been on the transplant list for a kidney for five years. He has kidney failure, and he’s been on dialysis for the past year, and apparently he’d had enough. So his family finally stepped up. His son Grant was a match, and went through a whole bunch of testing. ... Read More »