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More Photos and Video of Will Ferrell at Spring Training


Comedian and actor Will Ferrell took the field Thursday to play second base for the Seattle Mariners at spring training!  Wasn’t the only uniform he wore though, it was all a part of his 10-Team Tour.  What a nice surprise for fans:)  More photos of Will in Mariners uniform can be found (HERE).   Read More »

Can you pass a basic Civics Test?

United States Constitution

Lawmakers in Idaho are looking at requiring all students to pass a basic civics test to graduate high school. Sure, it’s in Idaho, but this has lessons for all of us, in all 50 states. One Senator there says the new focus on science, technology and math in schools means that students learn less about government and current affairs. Could ... Read More »

Five Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Going To Bed.


You probably know that staring at your phone before bed can keep you awake, because your brain thinks the light it gives off is sunlight. But here are five things you shouldn’t do before bed that you might not know about.   image via L Miller used used under creative commons) Read More »

Meet This 10 Year Old Girl Who’s ALREADY Acing College Math! [VIDEO]


Esther Okade is the top freshman in her college class…AND she’s only 10 years old! And I barely passed my basic math courses in HIGH SCHOOL! The British-Nigerian math prodigy is enrolled at Open University, a distance learning college and hails from the industrial town Walsall in England’s Midlands. Okade told the Birmingham Mail that she hopes to get a PhD and ... Read More »

Little Saints fan sad about losing Jimmy Graham to Seahawks


Oh dear. In a big NFL trade that shocked many, we found out this week that the Seahawks will be getting Saints’ star tight end Jimmy Graham. What we could not have predicted was the reaction of one little 7-year-old Saints fan. See her reaction here. Aw, I feel bad for her! But it’s okay. It’ll get better, little one. ... Read More »

Does YOUR Dog Need A Smartphone??


Well it’s ACTUALLY a collar but works similar to a smartphone with the exception of your dog talking into the phone. (and if you have a dog that can do THAT…congratulations, you’ve hit the jackpot!) If humans can have these fun toys…why can’t our dogs?!?! Read More »

Check Out This New Sam Smith Song With John Legend! [VIDEO]


Sam Smith and John Legend…you can’t really go wrong with these two incredible talents! Sam just released a new version of “Lay Me Down,” featuring John Legend. The track will serve as the official single of Red Nose Day, a British charity event that happens every two years where people wear clown noses to help raise money and awareness for ... Read More »