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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 11.16.2015

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Musicians respond to Paris attacks. Blake Shelton is a hero! Kim is doing what she does best and Adele is the Great EVER! Read More »

The Best/Worst Foods To Donate To Food Banks During The Holidays.

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In the United States, one in seven people struggles with hunger, and many rely on food from local food banks to help feed their families. The holiday season is an especially difficult time to live with food insecurity — that is, not knowing when you will get your next meal — and many of us think about making food donations ... Read More »

Marshawn Lynch Gives $500 To McDonalds Worker After The Game In Dallas.


Just ONE MORE reason to love this guy!! After the Seahawks big win in Big D a couple weeks ago, Marshawn Lynch stopped at a McDonalds and struck up a conversation with a young man that was sweeping the floor and THAT conversation led to this nice gesture. Read More »

10 Best Ways To Give Back This Thanksgiving

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And all are free!  Thanksgiving is not just about the turkey on the table or the pumpkin pie in the oven. It’s much bigger than that. Here are some fun ways to give back: 1. Give a Toy 2. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen 3. Put Together a Potluck More (HERE) And (HERE) are organizations in the NW that offer help ... Read More »

PAWS 2016 Calendar For Sale!

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Can we get a ‘woof woof’! The PAWS 2016 Calendar is an annual celebration of animals, and the perfect gift for the animal-loving organizer in your life. Featuring soulful photographs by Alyssa Rose Photography, this unique wall calendar makes a great gift and supports homeless, injured and orphaned animals. Made possible by the generosity of PAWS supporters, whose animals are featured ... Read More »