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50 ‘Turkey Day’ Mashed Potato Recipes!


Everything from Garlic, Pepper-Swirl, Olive-Butter…Low Fat:)  LOL.  With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, I’m curious how you plan to make yours?  Please share, or borrow a recipe from (HERE).  Thank you Food Network for the ideas:) - Shellie Hart Read More »

Cinerama Re-Opens THURSDAY!


Super excited about the re-opening of our beloved CINERAMA!  And even more happy that Mr. Allen is preserving a piece of Seattle history:)  Thank You! From the… Microsoft co-Founder Paul Allen’s Belltown movie theater has been closed since Aug. 4 for renovations. It is scheduled to reopen at 8 p.m. Thursday, with a sold-out showing of “The Hunger Games: ... Read More »

Husband Secretly Records Wife Belting Out Some Salt ‘N’ Pepa In The Car! [VIDEO]


All I know is… if I would’ve pulled THIS stunt with my wife, I wouldn’t be alive to do this blog today! A husband secretly recorded his wife as she flawlessly rapped Salt-N-Pepa’s “None of Your Business” during a ride in the car, and the video is amazing. The 40-second footage has already attracted nearly 3 million viewers since it was ... Read More »

Band Aid 30 ‘Who’s Who’ Photo


A familiar song, but perhaps not such a familiar line-up? U2 frontman Bono returns for the new Band Aid track 30 years on from Bob Geldof’s original, but his surrounding cast could hardly be more different. From social media celebrities boasting millions of online followers (but no professional singing experience), to 2014’s top music stars, use our clickable guide to ... Read More »

Band Aid 30 (Music Video Release today, see it here)


One Direction, Sam Smith, Bono and so many more…”Band Aid 30″ is out today.  A new version of the hit song “Do They Know It’s Christmas”.  Within the first five minutes of the songs release it has sold 1.5 Million already!  This effort is to raise funds to stop Ebola.  See how many artists you can name in this video.-Mark ... Read More »

Andy Christmas “Best Of” Tonight on TV (KCTS)

andy christmas

While I keep my eyes closed on the start of All Christmas Music on WARM 1069,  I like surprises so I’m not one to know when it’s coming.  There is some fun Fun Of The Season tonight on TV. 7pm Mon 11/17   KCTS 9  (PBS)  Happy Holidays: The Best of the Andy Williams Christmas Shows features classic clips from beloved ... Read More »

The Top 10 Things You Should Never Do When You’re Hungry.


I know when I’m hungry, I’m cranky…most of us are and a new study out of Ohio State University proves it! The study found that people are almost twice as cranky AND twice as likely to make a BAD decision when they’re hungry. The researchers found that if you’re not eating every FOUR hours, it’s going to affect all the ... Read More »

Beans, Chicken & Casseroles: FRENCH FRIED ONION Recipes


So what’s your signature FRENCH FRIED ONION dish?  Do you have one that you favor for the holidays?  Was at my local grocer and noticed that they are stacked high for ‘comfort’ food recipes.  Then I thought that there MUST be more ways than my Mom’s GREEN BEANS & FRENCH FRIED ONIONS dish.  Yup, you bet.  Everything from ‘Cheesy Potato ... Read More »