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Tag Is Back For Kids In Mercer Island After Some Serious Backlash.

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A school district in Mercer Island made NATIONAL news because they just banned kids from playing TAG at recess. Since the initial announcement a little over a week ago, and after some serious public outcry…TAG is back!     Read More »

First workday using the new 405 Express Toll Lanes!

Credit: WSDOT

This is the first workweek for drivers to start using the 17 miles of new Express Toll Lanes on 405 between Lynnwood and Bellevue, and the Department of Transportation says it could take eastside drivers up to a YEAR to get used to them, but we hope it doesn’t take that long! For a refresher, here’s the info about using ... Read More »

The Five Best And Worst Pumpkin Flavored Products.

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We’re coming up on the first official weekend of fall, which means it’s only been a month since the world began “pumpkin spicing” everything. Anyway, a website jumped on it and created a list of the best and worst pumpkin-flavored products. There doesn’t seem to be any rationale for the rankings other than the author’s personal taste, but it still ... Read More »

Dance Studio where Macklemore’s choreographer teaches could use your help


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis probably don’t know it, but they have Westlake Dance Center to thank (in part, at least) for their backup dancers and choreographer, Anna Matuszewski. She is a fiercely talented dancer and teaches Hip Hop at Westlake Dance Center.  (She’s the one right behind Macklemore in the pic below) But the Westlake Dance Center studios near Northgate in north Seattle have to ... Read More »