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DIRECTV Pulls All Ads Featuring Rob Lowe! :(


I LOVED these commercials but then again I love Rob Lowe…I have a little man crush on him OK!! Unfortunately we won’t be able to see Rob Lowe on those DirecTV commercials any longer as they were pulled. Find out why HERE. Read More »

Here’s A Way For YOU To Make Some Money On Your Ex’s Stuff.


Breaking up can be hard, especially if you have a bunch of stuff that he or she bought for you while the two of you were together. Now, there’s a place for you to ease the pain and…make a little profit in the meantime. The website, Never Liked it Anyway, lets you sell all the stuff around that reminds you ... Read More »

MUST READ: Tips From A Burglar [list]


Received this from a co-worker, who got it from his insurance company.  It’s brilliant.  Great tips and reminders! - Shellie Hart TIPS FROM A BURGLAR Thanks for letting us use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier. I really ... Read More »

Help kids by donating to “kickstarter for teachers” (link)

school things , back to school background

We all know that school budgets have been cut to their maximums, then squeezed some more. That’s why a new website is being called the “kickstarter for teachers.” It’s become popular with teachers around the country – and more than one million supporters! With a quick zip code search, I found several schools in Seattle, Tacoma and Everett alone ... Read More »

Aerosmith Lead Singer Steven Tyler Is Going Country.


His career has spanned over 5 decades as one of the biggest rock stars in one of the biggest bands of all time. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith has just signed with Big Machine Records to make a country album!   image via used under creative commons) Read More »

Walla Walla Fun, Tastings & The Marcus Whitman Hotel [photo gallery]


When is the last time you visited Walla Walla? It’s just full of fun! Sunshine, golf, food, tasting rooms for days and of course the beautifully restored Marcus Whitman Hotel! That’s my favorite stay as the service and staff are top-notch friendly and helpful. And there’s at least a half-dozen tasting rooms at the Marcus Whitman alone:) And the food! ... Read More »

Seattle Voted Number ONE For Happiest…Hours!


When it comes to finding a happy hour after a long hard day at work…we happen to live in the RIGHT (or dare I say) HAPPIEST place! Seattle was recently voted best city in the United States for happy hours. Check out 100 of the best happy hours in Seattle. The Best Happy Hours IN AND AROUND Seattle.   Read More »