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Best Summer Food Items To Buy (and Save $$$) at Costco

Credit: Jonathan Weiss |

We already know, we’re to get a good deal at Costco.  But really, which are the best?  Well according to the they are Maple Syrup, Condiments, Spices and Apple Sauce are among the few.  But what tops the list?  It’s a favorite for all, check it out (HERE).  Even more deals (HERE).

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What Not To Buy At Memorial Day Sales

We are coming up on Memorial Day Weekend and you know they will be having all these crazy sales, I know everything will look so tempting, but what shouldn’t you buy?

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Could This WOMAN Be The Next James Bond?!

Credit: Alhovik |

A lot of established characters are getting “re-imagined” these days.  From a black Human Torch to female Ghostbusters.  But could the world handle a female James Bond?

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Career Change? Jobs That Pay Over 100k in Seattle [list]

redit: Maridav |

Always wanted to make ‘6 figures’?  Well of course!  Don’t we all:)  Well according to, better skip retail, food service and most other jobs. The state Employment Security Department’s 2015 employment and wage estimates list 65 jobs that pay more than $100,000, and the largest share of people in those jobs are at least connected in some way to …

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