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Most GOOGLED Halloween Costume in Washington State…


I thought for sure it would be either a ZOMBIE or Elsa from FROZEN for Washington state.  Nope.  In fact, it’s not a costume for kids or adults at all!  Yup.  It’s one for our pets. This map, made by SumoCoupon, a website that offers discounts at various stores, shows which Halloween costumes are the most “trending” in each state. ... Read More »

Shellie Hart’s ‘Trending Celebrities’ 10/8/14 (Headlines)


Judd Nelson wants us to know something, Snookie would like you to meet her daughter and babies, babies and more babies!!!!  Here’s what’s trending in today’s celebrity headliens! – Shellie Hart Judd Nelson is NOT dead, people. (Us) Debra Messing and Will Chase break up. (People) And Debra’s costar Sean Hayes is engaged to his longtime partner. (E!) Robbie Williams ... Read More »

New Taylor Swift Album Released Today.


One of the most anticipated album releases of the year was today…Taylor Swift’s “1989” featuring her latest hit “Shake it off” . Even better news for Taylor Swift fans…it looks like she’s going to be a big tour coming soon too!   image via Rinaldi used under creative commons) Read More »

Ebola Outfits… And Other Last Minute Costume Ideas For Halloween.


Well here we are, just a few days away from Halloween and I have NO IDEA what my costume is going to be. If you’re like me and scrambling to find something over the next few days…perhaps you’ll want to go the “Ebola route”…or not. There is a company that is selling (a LOT) of  Ebola costumes…including the “sexy Ebola ... Read More »

Barry Manilow Talks With Mark About Halloween week Duets CD


When I first heard of this CD idea for a Duets, Barry Manilow was on the QVC Channel. As I watched I was amazed and had reaction (at first) when I heard all of the voices here were no longer among the living. I had to make a call  and I caught up with Barry over the weekend.  Here is ... Read More »

Longview WA Tornado footage Wow!

tyhunderstormalmost tornado

As major networks (NBC,ABC and CBS)  are saying Lakeview and now getting  calls that it’s Longview. Here is some of the raw footage being shared of the confirmed tornado moment .-Mark C Read More »

Seattle’s Top Dog Names.


How can you NOT like dogs?? We here in Seattle LOOOOOOOVE our dogs, they’re everywhere, from the city to the suburbs to the mountains and all points in between. It’s really nice to live in such a dog friendly city. Seattle’s top dog names.   image via (creative commons) Read More »

Starbucks Set To Unveil Their New Holiday Drink…


November 12th is the day that Starbucks will officially unveil their new drink…the chestnut praline latte. Though the Chestnut Praline Latte first debuted last year in a few select cities, this is the first year that it will be available nationally. The image below is of last year’s Chestnut Praline Latte cups. This year’s cups will debut November 1, a ... Read More »

Halloween Trick Or Treating Solved for Rural Areas


Think of so many communities maybe in the Palouse, Methow Valley or farmlands of Skagit Valley.  Homes so far apart that Trick Or Treating is just not that easy.  Here is the answer, Tailgate Trick Or Treating!  Everyone comes to a local school parking lot on Halloween. You grab a parking spot, decorate the car and put on a costume, ... Read More »

Have you seen the baby bear cub at the drug store? (video)

bear cub

This happened at a Rite Aid store in Ashland, Oregon last weekend. The cub first showed up at a Motel 8, then at the drug store and was finally caught by Fish & Wildlife with a shopping basket (see how you should always grab one even though you’re not sure you’ll need it?). The baby bear is now at PAWS ... Read More »