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24 Artist’s And Counting! (New Christmas CD’s)


So far I am seeing at least 24 new Christmas Music CD’s for the 2014 Holiday Season (on shelves now).  The list includes.. (Mark Christopher Claus) Christmas At Downton Abbey (2 CD) Earth Wind & Fire “Holiday” LeAnne Rimes “One Christmas Chapter” The Williams Brothers (Andy’s  back with his Bro’s) Idina Menzel “Holiday Wishes” NOW Thats What I Call Christmas ... Read More »

It’s Freezing Everywhere, Hawaii Too!


As you begin your day around the Sound, you will favor the temperature right now.  It’s almost 10 degree’s better than just a day or so ago.  The graph does show you how cold it is all around the country, even Hawaii.  Today some parts of the East coast will see a years worth of snow dump in four days.  ... Read More »

Chef In Hot Water For Punishing His Daughter With…Hot Chili Peppers.

Jools Oliver's new clothing range for Mothercare is smashing sales targets - 12 Sep 2012

I never like to judge another parent on the way they discipline and raise their child because as I’m about to find out in February with my first born…it’s a tough (but rewarding) job. There are definitely things that our parents and grandparents did that would NOT fly in today’s world and after reading THIS story…I’m curious to get your ... Read More »

Where YOUR Dog Ranks On The Best And Worst Dogs List.


A new study ranked 87 of the most popular dog breeds from best to worst. They based it on how much they cost, their intelligence, their health, their lifespan, and how easy they are to groom. Apparently, the best dog in the world is…the Border Collie. They’re the most intelligent breed, they live an average of 12-and-a-half years, they’re relatively ... Read More »

50 ‘Turkey Day’ Mashed Potato Recipes!


Everything from Garlic, Pepper-Swirl, Olive-Butter…Low Fat:)  LOL.  With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, I’m curious how you plan to make yours?  Please share, or borrow a recipe from (HERE).  Thank you Food Network for the ideas:) - Shellie Hart Read More »

Cinerama Re-Opens THURSDAY!


Super excited about the re-opening of our beloved CINERAMA!  And even more happy that Mr. Allen is preserving a piece of Seattle history:)  Thank You! From the… Microsoft co-Founder Paul Allen’s Belltown movie theater has been closed since Aug. 4 for renovations. It is scheduled to reopen at 8 p.m. Thursday, with a sold-out showing of “The Hunger Games: ... Read More »

Husband Secretly Records Wife Belting Out Some Salt ‘N’ Pepa In The Car! [VIDEO]


All I know is… if I would’ve pulled THIS stunt with my wife, I wouldn’t be alive to do this blog today! A husband secretly recorded his wife as she flawlessly rapped Salt-N-Pepa’s “None of Your Business” during a ride in the car, and the video is amazing. The 40-second footage has already attracted nearly 3 million viewers since it was ... Read More »

Band Aid 30 ‘Who’s Who’ Photo


A familiar song, but perhaps not such a familiar line-up? U2 frontman Bono returns for the new Band Aid track 30 years on from Bob Geldof’s original, but his surrounding cast could hardly be more different. From social media celebrities boasting millions of online followers (but no professional singing experience), to 2014’s top music stars, use our clickable guide to ... Read More »