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The Top Five Things That Stress Us Out At Work.

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No matter how much we love our jobs, there is always going to be a least a few things that stress us out. (Some more than others) A new survey found the REAL top five things that stress people out at work. Check them out HERE. Read More »

The Best Invention From All 50 States.

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Yahoo just put up a list of the best invention from all 50 states. They didn’t really use any specific criteria, they just tried to find the most important, clever, useful, or popular thing that came from each state. So what has been the best invention from Washington?? Find out HERE. Read More »

Meet Pumpkin, A Raccoon That Now Thinks…She’s A Dog!

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Normally, raccoons can be…let’s just say less than friendly but not so much in Pumpkin’s case. In honor of Wet Nose Wednesday today…here’s a different kind of cute wet nose.     Read More »

Woman Wins Lottery..Then Quits Her Job, Right On The Spot.

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You ALWAYS hear about people who win the lottery and then stay at their jobs , so they can keep on being nice, normal people who don’t rock the boat. So, this is kind of refreshing: a 50-year-old woman in southwest Michigan named Julie Leach came forward yesterday, after hitting the Powerball lottery for over $310 MILLION. She’s worked at a fiberglass ... Read More »

Two Of The Biggest Halloween Costume Trends For This Year.

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If you DO feel like getting a jump on things, here are the two big costume trends this year. It’s according to Pinterest though, so take that for what it’s worth. OTHER than the “sexy Donald Trump”. 1. Group costumes. 2. Throwback pop culture costumes.   For more info click HERE. Read More »