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Earthquake Shakes Seattle’s Eastside?!?!


Apparently, there was an earthquake this morning at 9:37 centered in Redmond measuring a 2.7 on the richter scale. Hmmm, I live in in Issaquah and didn’t feel it…did YOU??   image via Read More »

Russell Wilson’s new website! (link)


Our beloved Seahawks QB Russell Wilson announced his new website on Twitter this week:   It’s already a big hit, because just SECONDS after he tweeted that, his new website crashed! But it’s now fixed and ready for you to check out! To follow Russell Wilson on Twitter, click right HERE. Go Hawks! Read More »

Drinking THIS Is The Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym?!?!


Cheers to THIS study…ESPECIALLY if you love red wine! Apparently red wine has a compound in it that is very healthy for you…just like exercise. Almost sounds too good to be true…doesn’t it??   image via used under creative commons) Read More »

Seattle Thunderbird’s Teddy Bear Toss!


Warm 106.9 and AJ joined the Seattle Thunderbird’s for their annual Teddy Bear Toss at the ShoWare Center in Kent! We collected 4,470 bears which will be going to first responders and hospitals!! Read More »

Judge Vetoes Parents’ Baby Name Because They Named Her…WHAT?!?!


Ok, so my wife and I are going through the baby naming process now and we’re down to 3 that we feel comfortable with no matter which route we go. I WILL say “Nutella” or anything of the sort is NOT one of them! Do YOU agree with this? Do you think anyone has the right to overrule a name ... Read More »

Here’s A Sneak Peek At Some Of The Top Commercials For Super Bowl Sunday.


When it comes to Super Bowl commercials…I think a LOT of them are not that impressive. However, every year there usually are a couple that REALLY stand out and the crazy thing is…you can see them earlier and earlier every year! I think it kind of loses its luster a bit for the big Super Bowl Sunday reveal…but what do ... Read More »