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Moms (err Mums) Get Together For This EPIC Taylor Swift Parody. [VIDEO]

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A group of Mum’s in the US have a YouTube channel called What’s up Mums, where they post hilarious, parenting related spoofs of new songs for us to relate to. And they are pretty fabulous! Their remake of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ starts with Barbie dolls and makes it all the way to Starbucks before mum realises that dad will ... Read More »

Couple Ages 70 Years In 5 Minutes! [VIDEO]

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Ever picture yourself being with someone for the rest of your life? What if you had the opportunity to see what the rest of your life with that person would look like?Well, one couple that is getting married in a short month had a chance to do that! One couple agreed to get makeup to show how they would age ... Read More »

Happy Red Nose Day! Honk, Honk!

Shellie Hart

The U.K. has been doing this for years, a campaign dedicated to raising money and awareness for children living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh. Get your red nose on at Walgreens, then post your selfie using the hashtag ‪#‎rednose25‬ and Bill and Melinda Gates will donate $25 bucks! You can make your own contribution (HERE), ... Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Lick Your Face.

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I’m guilty of allowing this. It’s so hard NOT to let them lick your face because we just love them SOOOOOO much and they’re so darn cute! The idea that your dog’s mouth is cleaner than yours is KIND of true. A lot of the germs they pick up don’t affect humans, but that doesn’t mean their mouths are clean. ... Read More »

The Mariners Want Their Version Of “Blue Friday” And They Want It To Be…

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Every Friday during football season, it is “Blue Friday”…Seahawks gear is worn PROUDLY throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond and it brings a great sense of togetherness and closeness with both fans and with the team. NOW, the Mariners would like to grab on to some of that fan enthusiasm with THEIR version of Blue Friday…ESPECIALLY for one particular Friday, ... Read More »

Favorite David Letterman Moments [vote]

Lat Show with David Letterman

After 33 years, David Letterman final curtain call happens tonight on CBS.  His final (and favorite) musical guest are the FOO FIGHTERS.  Looking back, there’s been some pretty funny moments with celebrities.  Like ‘Where’s Joaquin Phoenix?’, ‘Drew Barrymore flashes Dave’, ‘Howard Stern appears in full drag’ and of course his Top 10’s and Stupid Pet Tricks.  Check out and ‘vote’ ... Read More »

This Is For All Of The Awesome Teachers…THANK YOU!

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Teachers are awesome! They are such an important part of a child’s life and what they provide for kids is priceless. I was out running today and came across a group of teachers in Issaquah who were holding their 1 day walkout and it just got me thinking about some of my old teachers who I STILL hold near and ... Read More »

Kids with disabilities finally get dolls with disabilities

Credit: Beth Moseley Photography

There’s a campaign on social media called #toylikeme to get toy makers to make dolls with disabilities. British company Makie answered that call and started producing dolls with hearing aids, canes, glasses and facial birthmarks. The response has been so positive, Makie has received hundreds of suggestions and is now deciding what other inclusive dolls to make. The #toylikeme campaign ... Read More »

There’s A Reason Why It’s Called Trivia Crack…I’M ADDICTED!


So I just stepped out of the dark ages from my I-Phone 4 to the new 6! One of the new toys I’m so excited about is this trivia crack game that my wife introduced me too. I never realized how dumb I was until I started playing this game…but STILL, it’s so much fun. I can’t stop…HEEEELPPP!!! Here are ... Read More »