Have your family listen mornings at 8:25am for the "Weekday Warmups" contest challenge and win the best prizes on radio...and get a daily exercise of your mind as you start your day! Each day Mark Christopher creates a different challenge of trivia, teases or tunes as a "Weekday Warmup". Many just play to stretch the muscles of their brain.

Weekday Warmups Contest 8:25am “daily exercise of your mind”

Have your co-workers or family listen mornings at 8:25am for “Weekday Warmups” and win great prizes like food, event tickets, experiences or gift cards! If there is one person in Seattle that loves a daily radio contest as much as you, it’s our own Mark Christopher. Each day to help wake-up your brain, he creates a different contest of trivia, teases or tunes as a “Weekday Warmup”.

Check out this week’s ideas and questions below, and know the number to call: 1-800-622-1069

Giveaways for the week of March 24th!

  • Win an overnight stay for two at Silver Reef Hotel Casino Spa and dinner in the Cantina!

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Monday 3/24

Mystery of the Music“…clues provided of this song/artist mystery.

Tuesday 3/25

Celebrity Dating Game“…this Hollywood Star once date who? Multiple Choice!

Wednesday 3/26

TV Theme Song Challenge“…see if you remember this show!

Thursday 3/27

Matt’s Choice“…Mark Christopher will be out on special assignment!

Friday 3/28

Matt’s Choice“…Mark Christopher will be out on special assignment!

Questions from last week!

Monday 3/17

St. Patrick’s Blarney Challenge“…Mark O’ Christopher will explain this one!

Tuesday 3/18

Learn the Lyrics“…a trivia question about the lyrics of a song.

Wednesday 3/19

PS Seattle“…think claim to fame knowledge about this great city.

Thursday 3/20

Battle of the Bands“…Artist vs Tribute band, and you tell us which is which.

Friday 3/21

Songs of the Cinema“…this song was featured in what movie?