Have your family listen mornings at 8:25am for the "Weekday Warmups" contest challenge and win the best prizes on radio...and get a daily exercise of your mind as you start your day! Each day Mark Christopher creates a different challenge of trivia, teases or tunes as a "Weekday Warmup". Many just play to stretch the muscles of their brain.

Weekday Warmups Contest 8:25am “daily exercise of your mind”

Have your co-workers or family listen mornings at 8:25am for “Weekday Warmups” and win great prizes like food, event tickets, experiences or gift cards! If there is one person in Seattle that loves a daily radio contest as much as you, it’s our own Mark Christopher. Each day to help wake-up your brain, he creates a different contest of trivia, teases or tunes as a “Weekday Warmup”.

Check out the week’s ideas and challenges below, and know the number to call: 1-800-622-1069

Giveaways for the week of June 30th!

  • Win a family four-pack of passes to SPY: The Secret World of Espionage, on exhibition at Pacific Science Center now through September 1st 2014!

Spy-Pac-Sci-LogosSPY: The Secret World of Espionage offers guests the first-ever public exhibition of treasures from the collections of the CIA, the FBI, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and H. Keith Melton, the renowned author, historian and international authority on spy technology. Guests will see real gadgets and real artifacts from spies and spy catchers. They will observe real spy technologies, and learn the real tools-of-trade, some recently declassified. SPY grants guests unprecedented access into the real world of espionage.

  • Peek into the cockpit of the supersonic A-12 Oxcart Spy Plane from 1962, one of only nine remaining in the world, designed to defeat Soviet air defenses by cruising at more than three times the speed of sound.
  • See the Bulgarian Assassination Umbrella that fired a poison ricin pellet into the leg of BBC reporter and Bulgarian defector Georgi Markov’s leg while he was waiting for the bus.
  • Navigate your way through the perilous complexities of an actual laser field without tripping a circuit!
  • Investigate the downing of Pan Am Flight 103- one of the largest terrorism investigations in history.
  • Come face-to-face with KGB surveillance photos taken during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Visit PacificScienceCenter.org for more information and to purchase your tickets!

Monday 6/30

“Mark’s Monday Mystery”…listen to this minute-long story and solve the mystery!

Tuesday 7/1

“Sue’s Revue”…Sue provides 3 Headlines. You will answer a question about each of them.

Wednesday 7/2

“Eastside/Westside”…Two listeners from each side of Lake Washington in a simple trivia battle.

Thursday 7/3

“Throwback Thursday Teaser”…What year do we have in mind as we play our Year In Revue Montage?

Friday 7/4

“4th of July”…No giveaway today, Happy Independence Day! Join us at Gas Works Park for the Seafair Summer Fourth!

To enter for your chance to win a Weekday Warmups prize, dial 1-800-622-1069 when you hear the cue-to-call weekday mornings at around 8:25am. Must be 18+ years of age and reside in Washington State within the Warm 106.9 defined listening area to enter. General contest rules also apply. By entering you agree to be bound by all of these rules.