Jock vs. Jockey!

Jock vs. Jockey!

Grand Prize
A trip for two to the 2016 Kentucky Derby including round trip airfare for two, three nights hotel accommodation and Kentucky Derby 2-day passes for two people.
Monthly Prize
A Day at the Races package including valet parking, admission, program, tip sheet and seating.

This Month’s Race

FRIDAY, August 21st, 2015 / Race 6 – 9:10PM

AJ’s Pick: Where’s My Voucher


Where’s My Voucher? That’s the  question I’m always asking myself about something lately. Where are my keys? Have you seen my wallet? With a new baby in the house sometimes I’m a little forgetful. Where’s My Voucher is a great choice because this horse has already had 4 first place finishes this year! I might be asking where my voucher is, but I certainly won’t be asking “Where’s my money?” after picking this horse!

Where’s My Voucher is sired by Storm Wolf, born of Oakley’s Song, who was sired by Bertrando.  Where’s My Voucher has had 11 career starts with four first place finishes, two second place finishes and two third place finishes. Total Earnings: $30,820

Jockey: Juan M. Gutierrez

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Shellie’s Pick: Cash N Dash


Cash N Dash is racing again this month, and I’m sticking with him! He finished 4th last time, but I really think this race is the one for him! Like I said last month,  this speedy stallion is excited to put the money where his mouth is and earn some BIG wins. So grab your money and head on over to the races because Cash N Dash is a horse you will be excited to bet on.

Cash N Dash is sired by Parker’s Storm Cat, born of Bon Jour Paris, who was sired by Eltish. Cash N Dash has had 13 career starts with two first place finishes, three second place finishes and two third place finishes. Total Earnings: $29,825

Jockey: Francisco Duran

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Kaz’s Pick: The Search Is Over


The Search Is Over – I’ve found the winning horse for this month! I’m making The Search Is Over my pick for this month because this young horse has already had a first place and a third place finish this year! No need to look at the picks from the other jocks, the search is over if you vote with me!

The Search Is Over is sired by Sightseeing, born of Insearchofgold, who was sired by Herat. The Search Is Over has had  10 career starts with one first place finish, and one third place finish. Total Earnings: $13,723

Jockey: Jose Luis Zunino

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July’s Results

Colby N. was our June monthly winner of the Day at the Races package! Kaz’s pick won and Shellie’s pick placed last month!

Remember, a jock gets 10 points for a win, 8 for placing and 6 for a draw. At the end of the season, we’ll tally them up and crown a winner!


Colby N.



12 points


16 points


18 points

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