Chambers Bay area soon a Goldmine  (money maker notes)

Chambers Bay area soon a Goldmine (money maker notes)

The event is still about 15 months away. The U.S. Open (Golf Championship) will be played here in 2015 at Chambers Bay Golf (near Tacoma Narrows).  Organizers and fans have already discovered the very limited housing (Hotel, Motels, B&B) in this area.  As of this week many residents in and around this venue are working deals to offer a room and board at prices of $6000 a night!  Lacey, Olympia, Tacoma, Gig Harbor are also seeing a money maker on this.   @markcradio

Photo by ChrisHaysPhotography / CC BY-ND 2.0

About Mark Christopher

Mark is native Seattle and a longtime Northwest & Seattle Radio connection. Colfax, Spokane, Shelton are among some of his radio roadway. From his connections to Seafair, Seattle tourism (Ride The Ducks Captain), and Northwest Musicians (he mastered efforts to put The Ventures in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame). He is Host of KCTS9 COOKS (PBS) and seen during major Pledge Drive campaigns. Only three things will get him outta bed before sunrise…Fishing, Skiing and being on radio giving you reasons to smile!

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