Boats heading out , now RV’s this week

Boats heading out , now RV’s this week

This picture is a reminder of how my Dad would load up Mom, all 7 kids, the boat and the dog and off to Yellowstone, Montana we would go  for two weeks!  I always told myself that when I could I would make an effort to grab some comforts because of all my love for the outdoors and learn the life of owning an RV.  I have been a Truck Camper owner for over 10 years.  I use to have Conversion Vans or a big tent for my outings. Then having all girls now I had to jump into this fun world of Recreational Vehicles.   Today with so many basics offered in these rigs and all the outdoor choices we have Statewide (The Coast, The Olympics, The Cascades, Eastern WA ?  Rain and Wind or even Snow will not get in the way.

Todays RV’s really give you basics like hot and cold water,AC, TV, Stereo, 3 way Refrigerator, Gas heat, Gas Stove and Oven, Lighting, Table, seating, Big bed areas (and you can actually use sheets and blankets and not a sleeping bag), Showers, seperate bath area, 110v Outlets , Generator (Propane)…..I have all this in my Slide in Camper.  Think of it, All this in the back of my truck?  Its very cool.  And the pricing of all the choices of RV’s these days is amazing too.  Because they are so rigged like a little home on wheels?  Many of us can write them off for business trips and such.  The people you meet in these RV parks are some of the greatest ever too.

The Seattle RV show (  is this week and then it’s Seattle Home Show time and so many other Treade shows  coming soon.   What a great idea for this Post NFL season time.   (thats my head on the front seat above the tire)

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Mark is native Seattle and a longtime Northwest & Seattle Radio connection. Colfax, Spokane, Shelton are among some of his radio roadway. From his connections to Seafair, Seattle tourism (Ride The Ducks Captain), and Northwest Musicians (he mastered efforts to put The Ventures in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame). He is Host of KCTS9 COOKS (PBS) and seen during major Pledge Drive campaigns. Only three things will get him outta bed before sunrise…Fishing, Skiing and being on radio giving you reasons to smile!

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