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The best way to get home on New Year’s Eve

Sure, you head out on New Year’s Eve with good intentions, but then you find yourself out over your skis, a long way from home, debating whether or not you should drive. Thanks, JägermeisterAt that point, you probably shouldn’t drive. If you have to think about it for more than a second, you probably had too much to drink. And then it gets expensive — call a cab, order an Uber with surge pricing, pop for a hotel room . . . . all pricey options.

But this year, the City of Seattle and Uber want to help. The Seattle Department of Transportation is teaming up with Uber to offer discounted rides (actually a $10 credit) from 2 p.m. Saturday to 5 a.m. on Sunday morning (New Year’s Day.)  This discount applies to the UberPOOL  service, which lets your driver pick up multiple riders along a route. So you may ride with strangers (which could work out great when you’re feeling jolly on New Year’s Eve!) or you may have your squad with you anyway and you can all hop in the car. When you use the Uber app to order your car, just type in the promo code “SAFESTART2017” to get the discount.

Here’s the link from Uber.

Have fun, stay safe, and thanks for letting somebody else do the driving!



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