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Runner learns the hard way: don’t celebrate too early! (VIDEO)


The Pepsi Invitational steeplechase race didn’t even rate live TV coverage earlier this month. But its outcome has been seen by millions around the world, thanks to YouTube. In the :56 second video, it looks like Oregon senior Tangay Pepoit has the race in the bag, but then starts pumping his arm for the crowd – his big mistake. That’s ... Read More »

New cookie straw at Starbucks – yes, please!

Credit: TEA |

Starting today, with each Frappuccino you order at Starbucks you can get a delicious new cookie straw! Frappuccino Happy Hour also starts at Starbucks May 1st through May 10th – that means from 3 to 5pm, half price Frapps! Happy sipping!   Read More »

We could use more heartwarming stories like this!


The story of a teenage grocery store worker helping a 96-year-old man in the United Kingdom has gone viral – shared more than 70,000 times and liked more than 250,000 times! It’s also made a social media star out of shy 18-year-old Christian Trouesdale. The picture of Trouesdale carrying groceries and holding the hand of the elderly gentleman as he walked ... Read More »

Don’t mess with this clerk at Baskin Robbins! (Video)

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A brave clerk at a Baskin Robbins store in Lynnwood did NOT give in to a robber – in fact, she gave him a punch in the face instead! Surveillance video shows the man trying to grab cash out of the register –  and store clerk Rachael Bishop fighting him off and even chasing him out of the store. The ... Read More »

Bike recall! Nearly one million Trek bikes (info)

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Seattle loves their bikes. But you might want to check yours, to see if it’s made by Trek. Trek is recalling 900,000 bikes across the US because a quick release lever issue in the front brakes, which can either cause the front wheel to come completely off or stop suddenly. The recall affects all models made from 2000 through 2015 ... Read More »

Win tickets to final taping of “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart


Beloved fake newsman, and host of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart announced this week that his last show will be August 6th. And you could be there! Win tickets to go see the final taping of “The Daily Show” in person in New York, along with airfare to get there and a free hotel stay! You can enter to win ... Read More »

Bike stolen? You might find it here (link)

Bike Rack

Seattle Police discovered a huge stash of dozens of stolen bikes in Edmonds, with the help of a victim who saw his own stolen bike on Craigslist! Now police are trying to find all the owners. They took a picture of each one, so if you’ve ever had your bike stolen, you just might be lucky enough to find it ... Read More »

The Math Question that’s breaking the Internet

Math Vector Seamless Pattern

Much like the ‘what color is this dress’ dilemma, a math question for students at a Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad contest has the attention of the online world. “Hello Singapore” TV host Kenneth Kong posted the math riddle on Facebook, which went viral across that country, showed up on Reddit and has its own hashtag on Twitter #cherylsbirthday ... Read More »

Help kids by donating to “kickstarter for teachers” (link)


We all know that school budgets have been cut to their maximums, then squeezed some more. That’s why a new website is being called the “kickstarter for teachers.” It’s become popular with teachers around the country – and more than one million supporters! With a quick zip code search, I found several schools in Seattle, Tacoma and Everett alone ... Read More »

Ed Sheeran sings with Sesame Street gang! (video)


This is super cute – a new video released online this week of Ed Sheeran singing with Elmo, Grover, Cookie Monster and the rest of the gang on Sesame Street! The song is called “Two Different Worlds,” and teaches kids that they can act one way at home, but should act differently when they’re at school. Enjoy! Read More »