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List of America’s Best Coffee Shops … and only one in Seattle? (list)


That’s right. The list of “America’s 50 Best Coffee Shops” from The Daily Meal - a website dedicated to “all things food and drink” – was just released. The only coffee shop in Seattle to make it was #7 – Milstead & Co. in Fremont. Maybe the compilers of the list didn’t want to be too obvious? Maybe because Seattle could ... Read More »

Zombies are coming! (info)


The SyFy Network is about to film the zombie TV series “Z Nation” — in Spokane! Show producers say they like Spokane because of its many locales: desert, fields, mountains, lakes, neighborhoods. That’s perfect for pretending you’re in different cities around the country, running for your life. Can’t you just see zombies overrunning Riverfront Park? SyFy plans to shoot 13 ... Read More »

You’re funny—yes, we are! (info)


Researchers at the University of Colorado-Boulder thought they’d tackle the question: Which is the funniest city in the US? But…how do you measure ‘funny’? They actually came up with a formula,  looking at things like how often we look at comedy websites and how many comedy clubs we have. After looking at the 50 biggest cities in the US, Seattle came in…wait for ... Read More »

Ghostbusters vs. Ghostbusters 2 (vote)


Ok, so it’s not exactly an official poll, but my co-worker and I were talking about movies from the 80′s and he said, “Ghostbusters 2 is way better than the first Ghostbusters!” I thought, “What! Are you nuts?” You’ve seen them both. What do you think? But seriously, the REAL voting today is for the April Special Election in King ... Read More »

Help find a missing eagle owl named “Forrest” (info)


“Forrest” the Eurasian eagle owl is missing from Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma. The zoo says he flew off while rehearsing a show on Wednesday – but they think he’s somewhere in Point Defiance Park, so keep a lookout! He will be hard to miss: Forrest has a 5-foot wingspan and has red cords on his legs. If you ... Read More »

You can be a part of Seattle Rock History! (video)


They helped us by recording Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Death Cab for Cutie, Alice in Chains and other rockin’ groups. Now, London Bridge Studios in Shoreline needs to raise $75,000 to fix their 1973 Neve soundboard so they can keep making music magic. Here’s how you can help: Donate (HERE)   Read More »