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What would you put in a time capsule for the year 2389?

bright future ahead road sign indicating direction to planning a

An iPhone? A DVD of your favorite movie? A 2014 postcard? A group of ‘Capsule Keepers’ wants your ideas! 25 years ago, time capsules were filled with things about our state history and culture at the Capitol in Olympia. Back then, a group of 300 10-year-olds became Keepers of the Capsule and now… they’re 35 years old and want your ... Read More »

Peanut Butter and Almond Butter Recall (info)

fresh "peanut butter" or "almond butter" on a slice of fresh bre

Here is the info I talked about in the news about the RECALL for peanut butter and almond butter, possibly contaminated with salmonella. This affects products sold at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Safeway and other stores around the country. The FDA says if you have one of the products, there’s no need to return it,  just toss it out! See the list of ... Read More »

Pacific Little Leaguers kick off LL World Series today! [info]


Be sure to catch the Pacific Little League NW Regional champs in game #1 of the Little League World Series! They face the Great Lakes Regional champs today at NOON, airing on ESPN. You can also catch the game at a watch party at Hamburger Harry’s in downtown Edmonds. Help support the team by buying an “I Believe” t-shirt for $20! ... Read More »

Pacific Little Leaguers on their way to the Little League World Series!!


(picture by Joe Michael, courtesy of A big CONGRATS to our Pacific Little League All-Stars from Edmonds-Lynnwood! They beat Oregon on Saturday, 6-3, making them the Northwest Regional champs AND sending them to the Little League World Series! They have a short break, then PLL wills OPEN the Little League World Series against the Great Lakes Regional champs in Williamsport, ... Read More »

Worth going to – weekend festivals in Oso area


(picture by No community is more deserving of some good feelings than Oso, in Snohomish County, which is still recovering from the deadly mudslide in March that killed 43 people. This weekend, residents in the Oso communities are looking forward to ‘getting back to normal’ with their annual festivals and hope many of you will join them. In Darrington, it’ll be ... Read More »

12’s can now order their very own Seahawks Championship ring!


Local guy CJ Johnson designed and made the “Ring for the 12’s,” then put it on Kickstarter hoping to sell at least 40 – and instead got orders for more than 600 – plus a waiting list of more than 100! So during the Seahawks-Broncos pre-season opener, Johnson opened up the website for pre-orders! 12’s can now order their very own ... Read More »

Cheer on TWO teams today – Seahawks AND Little Leaguers!


It’s a busy local sports day today! The Seahawks kick off preseason against the Denver Broncos at 6pm on Q13 FOX AND the Pacific Little League All-Stars from Edmonds/Lynnwood play at the NW Regionals in California at 6pm on ESPN2! Some notes for each team. Pacific Little League All-Stars: Only 2 rounds away from playing in the Little League WORLD ... Read More »

Update: Pacific Little League All Stars closer to LL World Series!

pac LL -ben-grant-bat

(Pictured: Pacific Little League’s Ben Grant in the Little League Western Regionals in San Bernardino, California. Picture by Michelle Corsi via Our Pacific Little League All-Stars from Edmonds/Lynnwood are kicking butt in San Bernardino, California – they are the ONLY team in the Northwest regionals with a 4-0 record so far! Congrats, guys! They don’t know who they play in the ... Read More »