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Can you pronounce “Ephrata” and other Washington names?

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I thought I was pretty good, but I only scored 8 out of 12 in this fun quiz from The Seattle Times. That score still made me a “Pacific Northwest Local.” At least I’ll always have “Puyallup” (pew-AL-up) right! You give it a try! Take the quiz here! Read More »

Seahawks Training Camp – for fans!


It’s Seahawks training camp time – for fans! The Seahawks just announced that registration starts this Thursday at 10am for fans to go watch any of the 14 training camp practices at the VMAC in Renton, from July 31 thru August 19. You have to register through the team website. Be ready – last year, practices were sold out! (They ... Read More »

Kickstarter for heart-warming film about the young and old

Credit: Present Perfect Film

Local filmmaker Evan Briggs is making a documentary called “Present Perfect,” about a preschool inside Providence Mount St. Vincent retirement in West Seattle – and how toddlers and senior citizens bring joy to each others’ lives. This film in an incredible reminder of how we should each stop and ‘live in the moment.’ Briggs’ first Kickstarter campaign for $50,000 was ... Read More »

19-year-old girl nails National Anthem at NBA finals (video)

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The NBA finals may be over (in case you missed it, Golden State Warriors won), but thousands of basketball fans may always remember 19-year-old Marlana VanHoose’s rendition of the National Anthem before Game 6. VanHoose is blind because of celebral palsy, but her voice is amazing! Check it out: Read More »

Going to the U-S Open? Things NOT to do or bring

Credit: UniversalMovies

The movie “Happy Gilmore” comes to mind when I think of proper etiquette for spectators at the US Open at Chambers Bay this week – it’s pretty much the exact opposite of how a crowd (and a golf player!) should probably act at a nationally televised sporting event. Just a few of the rules: You can take pictures but only ... Read More »

Trouble waking up? You could be suffering from ‘sleep drunkenness’

Sleepy brunette woman waking up and rubbing her eyes.

Yes, apparently ‘sleep drunkenness’ is a thing! A study out of Stanford found that 1 in 7 Americans suffers from sleep drunkenness, a “mental confusion that occurs when the subject is awakened from the deep phase of sleep” and lasts longer than normal to wake up. They say people who are sleep-deprived, or who over-sleep, are most likely to suffer ... Read More »

Help keep Seattle dancing!

Credit: Westlake Dance Center

As a dancer (mostly on the weekends now), this is the worst news EVER. Westlake Dance Center, one of a few places where adults can drop in and try all different kinds of dance – jazz, ballet, hip hop, belly dancing and more – may be closing, and just the thought of that possibility breaks my heart. The building near ... Read More »

Comcast outage: how to get your $5 refund

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Cable and Internet customers up and down the west coast from Seattle to San Francisco lost service Monday night for hours due to an outage Comcast describes as “a piece of hardware in our backbone network [that] failed.” So Comcast is offering a $5 refund/credit through a special website, if your service was affected. See all the info on how ... Read More »

Save the clock tower!

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Actually, it’s time to CHOOSE the clock tower. The Department of Transportation wants your opinion on the design of a clock tower for a new Amtrak station being built in Tacoma. They want it to be a Tacoma landmark. They’ve come up with 3 designs they posted online on the WSDOT blog. See the 3 designs called “The Traveler,” “Trestle ... Read More »

Mystery text crash your iPhone? Siri to the rescue!

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So earlier this week, we learned about a text message made up of Arabic characters that’s causing iPhones around the world to crash. We’ve also learned that you can get it from Twitter and Snapchat messages. You don’t even have to open the text, only receive it! But until Apple releases a software update to fix it, there is a ... Read More »