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Russell Wilson’s letter to Peyton Manning

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While Peyton Manning hasn’t officially announced whether or not he’s retiring, Russell Wilson wrote a brief but heartfelt letter to Manning and posted it on The Players’ Tribune, a site where player’s can express themselves in their own words. Here’s an excerpt, along with a picture Wilson included of himself as a young high school quarterback at camp, as only ... Read More »

Super Bowl ads everyone is talking about


A stampede of weiner dogs? Why are aliens holding Scott Baio? Do chips cause expectant moms go into labor? What the heck is a puppy-monkey-baby?? Whether you liked it or not, all these issues and more were covered in this year’s Super Bowl ads. Here’s one of my faves: Read More »

The weirdest things you can bet on for Super Bowl 50

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Yes, you can always bet on who will win or who the MVP will be… but that’s so boring! It sounds much more fun to guess what color shoes Beyonce’ will wear or how long it will take Lady Gaga to sing the national anthem! There’s also: How many times will the Golden Gate Bridge be shown during the broadcast? ... Read More »

Today is World Cancer Day – here’s what you can do about it

Courtesy of Leukemia & Lymphona Society Washington/Alaska Chapter

World Cancer Day is a day to raise awareness about, and fight, the global cancer epidemic. Yes, it’s a huge job, but if we each do a little, that’s one step closer to finding cures! You can do something about it – help make “Someday Today” by donating, volunteering or taking part in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society events in ... Read More »

Great Scott! DeLorean coming ‘Back to the Future’

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It’s been more than 30 years since Marty McFly went back in time, met his parents and came back in the car that Doc Brown built into a time machine – a 1982 DeLorean DMC-12. And now, DeLorean Motor Company announced that it’s bringing the “Back to the Future” car back! DeLorean plans to make about 300 replicas of the ... Read More »

Yes, Adele is AMAZING

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Did you catch Adele’s performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend? Her bare bones version of “Hello” is mesmerizing! She sings the first minute of the song with no accompaniment at all – and shows us just how incredibly talented and amazing she really is. Read More »

The Seahawks save Seattle – Godzilla style!

Credit:  Seattle Seahawks

A fun, cheesy (in a good way) new video from the Seahawks shows players Bobby Wagner, Jon Ryan, Steven Hauschka, Luke Willson and Michael Bennet defeating giant mutant beasts that attack Seattle. How did these monsters mutate? Someone put a paper cup in the garbage instead of recycling it, of course! So Seattle! haha Check it out! Read More »

For the 12 who has everything – Game Day perfume!

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Lara Gustavson thought her Blue Friday outfits were missing something – the perfect fragrance! That’s when she decided to make her own and started a company called ’12 Scents.’ They offer 3 scents so far – 2 perfumes for women – “12th Gal” and “Game Day”. For men, a scented candle called “The Berm.” Check out these fine fragrances for ... Read More »

November 3 is Election Day – don’t forget to vote!

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Are you registered? Do you know where to drop off your ballot? Find the answers to those questions on the Secretary of State’s Elections and Voting website here. Happy voting! Read More »

The most popular Halloween costumes in Seattle are…

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Thanks to a little thing called Google Frightgeist you can see what Halloween costumes people are searching for by city, or around the country. Or more importantly, which costume to avoid so you’re not in a room full of Princess Leia’s! Not surprisingly, comic book characters like Harley Quinn top the list in Seattle.  See the top 5 costumes in ... Read More »