Nicole Seven

Nicole is a Seattle native and Washington State alumna. She works for Warm 106.9 at events, with contests, and contributes to social media and our blog. Nicole enjoys discovering new music, reading about psychology, attending concerts, and cheering on the Cougars.

Super Bowl Grub Inspiration!

As the Superbowl gets closer and closer, it may be time to stop by the grocery store to prepare for your viewing party.

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Where to Watch the Big Game!

The BIG GAME is here yet again! Even though the Seahawks aren't playing this year, we know you're still going to be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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Where in the world is Santa Claus tonight?!

As we set our cookies out for Santa Claus and patiently wait for him to reach our chimneys.. we can't help but wonder: Where in the world is Santa Claus delivering presents right at this moment?

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