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All ‘That Glitters” At Goodwill! (Big Sale Info)


It’s become as popular as the Lakeside Rummage Sale, and the many Trade/Expo Shows over the next few months.  “The Goodwill Glitter Sale”.  This will bring so many to the flagship store on Dearborn Street in Seattle (Only store with this event).  Here is a link for times and product.-Mark Christopher Goodwill Glitter Read More »

Rockefeller Tree Is 85 Ft, But Seattle Still Hits The Sky For Tall Trees


This week the choice was made of an 85 foot  Noble Fir from PA. as the official Christmas tree for Rockefeller Center in New York.  The tree is now on a flatbed truck en-route for a Dec 3 ceremony.  While 85 feet is impressive for a tree,  might I remind you of Seattle’s tree’s that still reach the sky like ... Read More »

A Seattle Song To Make Your Day & Many Weeks ! (Viral Video)


Once a year I usually have someone send me a song idea with “Seattle” as the theme.  Most often the song is inspired by a local sport team headed for the playoffs.  This one though will help you get through the dark and colder days of Seattle  from now till late February. Enjoy this!-Mark Christopher Science Seattle/Seattle Read More »

Lets Cook In The Kitchen This Saturday (MC at it again)


Now that the weather has become cooler and the dark days are longer, lets do some cooking my friends.  We have a new show this Saturday on KCTS9 COOKS. Pasta, Rice and Grains!  Watch for your neighbors, co-workers or a neighborhood Chef share a recipe that just might be the one you have been looking for as the Holidays approach.-Mark ... Read More »

Sometimes It Takes Halloween To Really Know A Co-Worker


So many think that my Co-Host, Sue Romero, is rather quiet and shy. Some think that she is a  serious type on the world of News and Traffic.  Just have a Halloween Party and you will see another side of her….that she wants to save the World! as” Gamora” of Guardians Of The Galaxy!  -Mark Christopher   Read More »

Prince Breaks Rule Of SNL Musical Guest Script (video)


Saturday Night Live offers two,  4 Min. Music Segments each week for  artists . Prince wanted something different, just one segment at 8 min.  SNL agreed to the idea.  The last time he was on National TV for this long with his music was halftime at Superbowl in 2007.- Mark Christopher Prince on SNL 2014 Read More »

Peter Pan LIVE (PROMO Peak)

Peter Pan - 2014

From the Producers of  NBC Presents ‘The Sound Of Music LIVE” starring Carrie Underwood comes this years LIVE idea.  Peter Pan!  Allison Williams is related to what famous TV News Anchor ? See below after you watch the promo-Mark Christopher     A:  NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Read More »

Most Freddy Krueger’s Live Here! (People with Horror Icon Names)


Do you know anyone named Michael Myers? How about Freddy Krueger? Or maybe Lizzy Borden, there are four in this country with that name. Most Freddy Krueger’s live in Washington State! People in the U.S. with names of famous Horror Icons, Wow what a list-Mark Christopher Here’s the full 13-item (natch) list. 1. Michael Myers (Halloween): 4,282; 333 in Ohio. ... Read More »