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“Giving Tuesday” is todays awareness (info)


It’s been busy with  Thanksgiving , Black Friday, Cyber Monday, World Aids Day. Today we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.  It’s a simple idea. Just find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to come together to give something more.   Then tell everyone you can about how you are giving. Pay ... Read More »

Crystal Mt. Is OPEN today!

mc ski

Snow level is now at Sea level today (Dec 1)  Crystal Mountain is the first to grab a green flag for  a season opener today at 10am.  Limited operations and tickets are only around $30.  As you see snow-capped mountain’s on both sides of Seattle  today we still need 24 inches more snow to open other Winter  faves of the ... Read More »

Seattles “One Horseless” Open Sleigh Ready For Rides


This is the time of year that Seattle’s number one Tourist attraction puts away the life jackets and  brings out the cozy blankets and decorations for a “one horseless open sleigh” experience.  Ride The Ducks is ready for “Holiday Tours” beginning the Saturday.  It’s a night time ride among all the Christmas looks of Seattle.  Here we chat with CEO ... Read More »

100 Year Old Woman See’s Ocean For The First Time(video)


Ruby  has been at a cotton farm  in rural Tennessee for most of her life.  She is a mom of four children.  This video was taken recently as a bucket list item. Ruby see’s the Ocean for the first time in life. Enjoy the feeling-Mark C. See her experience HERE Read More »

Downton Abbey “Seattle Screening” Of New Season (Tickets)


The new season has already hit the air in the United Kingdom.  The U.S. won’t see it until January 4th.  My friends of KCTS 9 have an exclusive night of Pre Screening of the new season coming  in December.  The tickets are FREE but you gotta work it fast.-Mark C Click HERE for screening tickets Read More »

Festival Of Tree’s Ready For Your Bid (Info)


Since 1978 it’s been a tradition at Seattle’s  Fairmont Olympic Hotel.   This year the Festival Of Tree’s is a showcase of 21 tree’s, each with a story and a theme of it’s own.  These tree’s are on display right now for all to see at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel right now until Dec 3rd.  They will then be available for ... Read More »

Marshawn Provided Required Game Interview (in A Word)

Microphones At Press Conference

Both  Seattle and San Francisco  win games Sunday. They will now set a table for Thanksgiving in the Bay Area and battle for sole possession of second place in the NFC West (both are now tied at 7-4). Meanwhile the NFL will look over Marshawn’s/Seahawk player  interview after Sundays game in Seattle. To avoid another $50,000 fine he has to ... Read More »

Crack The Codes Of Favorite Stores (Revealed)


How many times at a car lot you look for a posted sale price and all that you find is a Bar Code sticker. We see this as well among so many favorite products in stores. Now comes the findings of many Shopping Bloggers who have cracked the inside information of ‘Bar Codes” and how it also indicates how much ... Read More »

Washington States “Signature Thanksgiving Dish”

This looks yummy!

As host of KCTS9 Cooks, this was a surprise to me.  If there was a “Signature Dish Of Thanksgiving”, of Washington State?,  I would be thinking Alderwood Cooked Salmon. Mac and Cheese with Dungi Crab, or maybe a Tom Douglas Coconut Creme Pie?  The New York Times says that for the “United States Of Thanksgiving” that the official dish for ... Read More »

24 Artist’s And Counting! (New Christmas CD’s)


So far I am seeing at least 24 new Christmas Music CD’s for the 2014 Holiday Season (on shelves now).  The list includes.. (Mark Christopher Claus) Christmas At Downton Abbey (2 CD) Earth Wind & Fire “Holiday” LeAnne Rimes “One Christmas Chapter” The Williams Brothers (Andy’s  back with his Bro’s) Idina Menzel “Holiday Wishes” NOW Thats What I Call Christmas ... Read More »