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Crack The Codes Of Favorite Stores (Revealed)


How many times at a car lot you look for a posted sale price and all that you find is a Bar Code sticker. We see this as well among so many favorite products in stores. Now comes the findings of many Shopping Bloggers who have cracked the inside information of ‘Bar Codes” and how it also indicates how much ... Read More »

Washington States “Signature Thanksgiving Dish”

This looks yummy!

As host of KCTS9 Cooks, this was a surprise to me.  If there was a “Signature Dish Of Thanksgiving”, of Washington State?,  I would be thinking Alderwood Cooked Salmon. Mac and Cheese with Dungi Crab, or maybe a Tom Douglas Coconut Creme Pie?  The New York Times says that for the “United States Of Thanksgiving” that the official dish for ... Read More »

24 Artist’s And Counting! (New Christmas CD’s)


So far I am seeing at least 24 new Christmas Music CD’s for the 2014 Holiday Season (on shelves now).  The list includes.. (Mark Christopher Claus) Christmas At Downton Abbey (2 CD) Earth Wind & Fire “Holiday” LeAnne Rimes “One Christmas Chapter” The Williams Brothers (Andy’s  back with his Bro’s) Idina Menzel “Holiday Wishes” NOW Thats What I Call Christmas ... Read More »

It’s Freezing Everywhere, Hawaii Too!


As you begin your day around the Sound, you will favor the temperature right now.  It’s almost 10 degree’s better than just a day or so ago.  The graph does show you how cold it is all around the country, even Hawaii.  Today some parts of the East coast will see a years worth of snow dump in four days.  ... Read More »

Band Aid 30 (Music Video Release today, see it here)


One Direction, Sam Smith, Bono and so many more…”Band Aid 30″ is out today.  A new version of the hit song “Do They Know It’s Christmas”.  Within the first five minutes of the songs release it has sold 1.5 Million already!  This effort is to raise funds to stop Ebola.  See how many artists you can name in this video.-Mark ... Read More »

Andy Christmas “Best Of” Tonight on TV (KCTS)

andy christmas

While I keep my eyes closed on the start of All Christmas Music on WARM 1069,  I like surprises so I’m not one to know when it’s coming.  There is some fun Fun Of The Season tonight on TV. 7pm Mon 11/17   KCTS 9  (PBS)  Happy Holidays: The Best of the Andy Williams Christmas Shows features classic clips from beloved ... Read More »

Ingrid Says “One Take Only” To Ski For Warren Miller Film (interview)


Ingrid Backstrom is one of this years featured skiers and will  be seen around Seattle next week sharing all the fun of Warren Millers 65th Ski/Snowboard Film “No Turning Back”.  Both Crystal Mt. Skiers,  Ingrid  and Mark Christopher,  talk about this dream of a lifetime  for any skier.  Find Mark this weekend at the Christmas In Seattle Show and you ... Read More »

Too Much Kim Seen On Paper, Maybe You Missed Real Message (card)


With so many looking (even if they didn’t even want to) of Kim’s look on Paper Magazine this week. You might have missed the other message she was trying to share with all fans. Because of schedules, crisis, turmoil and no one really taking command to organize?  The Kardashian Christmas Card will not happen this year.  Here is some fun ... Read More »

Steve Harvey Says Tawni Is Worst Dater In Washington (update)


The Steve Harvey Show has a feature called ‘United Dates Of America”. He recently brought cameras to Seattle to meet Tawni. The goal is to help her with her dating techniques and help her find a guy.  Tawni,  is what many say , the worst dater in Washington.  Many listeners of WARM 1069 missed the episode that  aired in recent ... Read More »

Christmas In Seattle Show , MC and many Chefs too!


Along with the many show exhibits at the Washington Convention Center this Friday through Sunday. Mark Christopher will be introducing you to some of the areas great Chefs as they demo  some fun recipes for your table this holiday season. _ Link for all show details below,-MC Read More »