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Are We Done Yet? (Link)

We aren’t even half way through spring break and some of us are tearing out our hair looking for ways to entertain our bored kids.  There’s an app for that! Read More »

Winterize your Car on the INSIDE

Winter weather supplies

Cooler temperatures are hitting us and you want to be ready on the roads.  Winterizing you car goes without saying, but doing the same on the inside might get overlooked.  Here is a list of things you need to have in your car for winter driving.  All great ideas, but I would add snacks, nuts and water to the list. ... Read More »

Say it isn’t so (Link)


How can this be?  Survey says…..Even though people know the dangers of  TEXTING WHILE DRIVING  98 percent of motorists who own cellphones and text regularly. The survey came as AT&T expanded availability of a free app that silences text message alerts and activates automatically when a person is moving 15 miles per hour or faster. (Passengers can turn it off.) ... Read More »

Say Good Bye to Gingerbread Latte’s (LINK)


We haven’t felt this betrayed by Starbucks since Howard Schultz sold the Sonics. It’s official, Starbucks has retired the gingerbread latte in the Pacific Northwest!!! Apparently we like eggnog better? How about you? Read More »

Blue Light Special (link)

blue light

Driving home at night I have noticed “blue lights” on I 405  freeway signs above the lanes.  I wondered what that was all about.  I thought maybe had something to do with emergency vehicles.  Dot just posted this article.  Apparently flashing lights signal the start of I-405 express toll lane equipment installation.  So when you see blue flashing lights it ... Read More »

Weekend Road Closures (LINK)


Lots of road work this weekend around the Puget Sound.  Here is a complete list.  Also keep in mind a busy Saturday in Seattle, with Mariners at 1pm, UW Football at 1:15pm, SoundersFC at 6pm and Elton John at Key Arena at 8pm.  Plan ahead and have a GREAT weekend.   Read More »

Dancing Traffic Lights (Video)


Imagine waiting on the sidewalk for the light to change. You look up to the light and there is a dancing figure.  What do you do? DANCE.  I hope you dance.  Well it made me smile. Read More »

Unreleased Adele Tracks (Link)


Two Adele tracks surfaced on Monday (September 1), and just in time, too, because the wait for the U.K. singer’s next album is becoming unbearable. “Never Gonna Leave You” and “You’ll Never See Me Again” Read More »

4 Day Closure of Highway 99 in Seattle (Link)


Be prepared for a 4 day closure of highway 99 both directions through Seattle.  Starts tonight at 10pm through Wednesday at 5am.  WSDOT has a detailed page about it.  This page explains it pretty good as well.  Good luck!! Read More »