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Today's Music Variety fuels the sing-along-soundtrack that keeps the innovative workplaces in the Seattle area inspired with songs from the 80's through today. Warm cares about the community we live in through deep participation in hundreds of annual events that focus on women and families.

Week that Was & Joe’s Jukebox!

Man, last week was awesome! It’s time for another edition of the Week That Was along with another Joe’s Jukebox, talking about all the fun events of the past week!

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Week That Was 8/12!

An audio recap from the week including Seafair Weekend, Blue Angels, The Warm 106.9 Pirate Ship, Griffey Weekend at Safeco, Wendall the Warm bear makes his debut!

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Week That Was 8/5!

An audio recap from the week including Adele’s Seattle performance, bikini baristas in Edmonds, the Pokemon craze continues, plus we gave away Seahawks tickets to the first game of the year!

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