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Today's Music Variety fuels the sing-along-soundtrack that keeps the innovative workplaces in the Seattle area inspired with songs from the 80's through today. Warm cares about the community we live in through deep participation in hundreds of annual events that focus on women and families.

Seahawks vs Miami: 9/11/16


The Seahawks had a BIG win in our opening game against Miami this past Sunday! It was a close game but our Hawks came out on top, winning 12-10! Listen to Allan & Ashley talk about it as well as hear other Seattle fan’s reactions to our win! Listen here!

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Samsung Phones are EXPLODING?!


If you own a Samsung phone, you might want to make sure it isn’t going to burst into flame! Many people have recently been reporting their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been overheating and exploding due to issues with the battery. Allan & Ashley talk all about it, listen here!

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Fans React to Seahawks National Anthem


49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been in the news recently for refusing to stand during the National Anthem in a show of protest. It was nice to see our Seahawks standing during the National Anthem this past Sunday, especially with it being 9/11. Seahawks players stood solemnly and locked arms. Allan & Ashley talk about it, you can listen here!

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Miss Arkansas Wins Miss America


It’s official: our new Miss America for 2017 has been crowned… 21 year old Savvy Shields from Arkansas! She won the talent portion with a jazz routine. Her runner up was South Carolina’s Rachel Wyatt. Alicia Cooper, Miss Washington, was THIRD runner-up! Hopefully next year our Miss Washington takes home first place!

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Ashley’s 23 month old daughter, Palmer, said WHAT?


Ashley has an ADORABLE 23 month old daughter Palmer who is constantly learning new things. Her newest thing is repeating whatever Ashley says, which is great…except when it isn’t! Sometimes bad words slip out, and when they do, Palmer is all over it.. Listen to Allan & Ashley talk all about it here!  

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You won’t BELIEVE how inappropriate this mattress company’s 9/11 ad was!


With the anniversary of 9/11 coming up, we all remember the tragedy that occurred back in 2001. This mattress company, showing INCREDIBLY poor taste, made a TV advertisement that makes light of the events. This is just not cool. Listen to Allan & Ashley talk about how STUPID they are here! ..and if you wanted to hear the inappropriate ad, …

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Sarah Colonna on the Show!


Comedian Sarah Colonna is in town and performing all weekend at Laughs Comedy Club in Seattle. She is HILARIOUS and a joy to have on the show. We talked dating, marriage, and, of course, Seahawks football. Listen to the whole interview here! Segment one, Sarah talks about life with Seahawk punter Jon Ryan and how the team is doing this …

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Wet Nose Wednesday: Meet Sammy, Carl “The Dude” and Tigger


We visited PAWS Cat City in Seattle this week and met three wonderful cats! Perky and active Sammy, super chill Carl and shy but loving Tigger! You are going to want to adopt all three of these furry cuties!

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