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Today's Music Variety fuels the sing-along-soundtrack that keeps the innovative workplaces in the Seattle area inspired with songs from the 80's through today. Warm cares about the community we live in through deep participation in hundreds of annual events that focus on women and families.

Wet Nose Wednesday: Meet Nate, Roma and Zane


Zane was adopted before we could even post our video today (and who is surprised with those big puppy dog eyes!) But high energy pups Nate and Roma are still looking for their forever homes!

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Good News for iPhone Users, Bad News for Samsung Users


Samsung has officially recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to a small issue with the phone exploding and bursting into flame. Reports find that the battery was causing the problem, which has led to over 2.5 million phones being recalled. Meanwhile, iPhone has people all over the world anxiously waiting in line to purchase the newest product, iPhone 7 …

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Texting and Anniversaries and Seahawks, Oh My!


It’s that time again… time for the week that was! We recap this week’s shenanigans, including the rules of texting, the Seahawk’s new action-green jerseys, and Allan & Ashley’s big one-year anniversary! Between fan reactions, Allan’s snarky comments, and Joe’s anniversary jukebox, you won’t want to miss this edition of the Week that Was! Listen here!

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Wet Nose Wednesday: Yolanda, Bertha and Louie


This week's Wet Nose Wednesday features three great dogs looking for a new home! Cuddle up with Yolanda or Louie or throw a tennis ball around with Bertha!

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New Seahawks Jerseys Are Out

Credit:  | BigStockPhoto.com

This year’s Thursday Night Color Rush uniforms are out and available for sale. It looks like the Seahawks are rocking lime green jerseys, as well as matching green pants. The Hawks are calling the shade “action green.” They will wear these during their Color Rush game against the Rams, who will have bright yellow jerseys. Listen to Allan & Ashley …

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Chipotle Is Using Drones Now?


How would you like your burritos to come to YOU? Chipotle is currently testing drones for deliveries at Virginia Tech. How it works is the burritos will be assembled at a food truck, which are then loaded onto drones to be sent out for delivery. The future is now, thanks to Chipotle! You can hear Allan & Ashley talk about …

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Happy Anniversary, Allan & Ashley!


One year ago today, September 14th 2015, Allan & Ashley got together and started a little show called Mornings with Allan & Ashley, and what a year it’s been! We had people calling in wishing well, we looked back on the year we’ve had, and Joseph even put together a jukebox in their honor (it’s so bad..it’s almost good!) Listen …

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Women Prefer Men with Beards


No-Shave November (aka ‘Movember’) is almost here, but there may be another reason men in Seattle might want to keep their facial hair. According to a new study, men with beards are more desirable than clean-shaven men when it comes to long-term relationships. Researchers think that beards “signal men’s age and masculine social dominance.” Our producer, Woody, is single, maybe …

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SDOT Wants Everyone in Seattle to SLOW DOWN!


Seattle Department of Transportation wants you to slow down! Seattle’s transportation director has been working with city council on a plan to reduce the speed limit in Seattle by 5 mph. They say 42% of all fatality collisions can be attributed to speed. The changes would ultimately impact 2,400 miles of roadways, both residential and downtown. It will most likely …

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