Dianna Rose

Dianna has been with Warm 106,9 hosting on Sundays since March 2012. She's bee on the air in Seattle since 1999, when she moved up from LA to become Music Director/on-air at Smooth Jazz KWJZ. She's also a voice-over artist, passionate about using music for improved well-being, huge animal lover (and vegan), travel enthusiast, and devoted mother to her son Nathaniel.

Overwhelmed by shipping boxes?

Here’s a great (and green! way to clear out all those boxes piling up in the garage…and help those in need.  Gather up those Amazon boxes (or any box!), pack the boxes with items to donate, print out the label, and they will pay the shipping! Give Back Box!

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Santa’s journey has begun!

Gather ’round!  You can now track Santa Claus as he starts his journey around the world! Including how many presents he’s delivered so far, where he was last seen, and where he’s headed next! Santa Tracker!

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Alternatives to giving ‘things’

Most of us this time of year feel the pressure to go out and buy ‘stuff’ to give as presents.  But there are other options that take less out of your pockets, and less into landfill.  Plus it sparks creativity! More joy, less stuff

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Fruit cake? Egg nog? Candy Canes? Gingerbread? Why?….

So these culinary delights are food traditions during the holidays.  But why?  What’s the story behind all these Christmas delights (yes, even the fruit cake, you’ve tried some, admit it!) Christmas food origins!

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Turkey Trivia!

So how did this bird get named after a country? And what does turkey have to do with TV dinners?  Brush up on your turkey trivia and impress your friends and family at the feast today! Turkey Trivia!  

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