Warm's morning show co-host Ashley was born and raised in the Seattle area, leaving only briefly to attend the University of Southern California. Upon her return to the PNW, she began her career in radio as a part-time promotions assistant at Sports Radio 950 KJR. She quickly moved into an on-air role as a traffic reporter and has continued to build an on-air presence as a contributor to the Ian Furness Show and Dave "Softy"Mahler show.

Whoah, Disney, you’re all sorts of festive!

Q:  Disney World buys more of THESE than any other company in North America.  What are they? A:  Fireworks!! If you’ve seen any of the nightly fireworks shows, this shouldn’t be a shock!

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Quick, someone get me a hypnotist!!

Q: According to a recent survey, women were asked, “If you could hypnotize your husband & make him do anything, what would it be?” A:  Give a good back rub! It’s a lost art!  

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Bring on the men……their personalities, that is!

Q: According to a recent survey, 70% of guys said when they do THIS they feel like they have more personality. What is it? A:  Grow Facial Hair!  It probably makes them feel more rugged and less buttoned up, so they loose…. at least that’s our take on it. #Science

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Now you have to answer to the ol’ Ball ‘n Chain!

Q:  Married men are more likely do THIS now as opposed to when they were single. What is it? A:  Obey the speed limit! What’s worse; the fine for the speeding ticket or the disapproving look from the wife?!?

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It’s too dang hot to do it…….

Q:  When it starts to heat-up & temperatures outside soar, people are twice as likely to do THIS at night. What is it? A:  Order take out for dinner cause who wants to turn on an oven, stove or even a BBQ when it’s hot outside!?!?!?

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We’ll tell you now, it’s NOT COFFEE related!

Q:  A workplace study found THIS is the #1 reason people get into a bad mood in the morning.  What is it? No…. it’s NOT the office running out of coffee!!! A:  Spilling on their clothes!!

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