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Cat Takes A Bullet For A 3 Year Old…They Both Survive!

Credit: Grisha Bruev |

It’s not clear if it was from a hunter or what. But it went through the couch she was sleeping on, across the room and hit a pillow on the love seat where her three-year-old son was sleeping. But they’re both okay, because their cat took the bullet for them. Angelica’s cat Opie was sleeping on the couch with her ... Read More »

The 3 Best Ways To Handle A Meltdown At Work.

Credit: dolgachov |

The next time you think you’re about to have an emotional MELTDOWN at work, here are three things you can do that are more effective than screaming, or going to the bathroom to cry. Read More »

School Buses Will Be All Over The Place Soon! [VIDEO]


School is starting soon! You will see yellow school buses everywhere. Deva Dalporto is this mother whose parody video about school bus safety awareness is going viral and just might save a life.     Read More »