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If You HAVE To Do Fast Food…Do It RIGHT. Here Are The HEALTHIEST Options At Every Major Fast Food Chain…

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Let’s face it, we’re all short on time these days and when it comes to eating…it can be VERY tempting to go the fast food route. It’s cheap, it’s easy and…it’s fast. If you have to do the fast food thing…make sure you do it the HEALTHIEST way possible. Check out the healthiest options at every major fast food chain. Read More »

Co-Workers With Bad Attitudes Can Suck The Life Out Of You…In MORE Ways Than One.

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No matter WHERE you work or what you do for a living…they’re out there. The people at work who ALWAYS seem to have something or someone to complain about. These people just don’t just get under your skin, they can eventually damage your job performance and ultimately hurt the bottom line. So what can YOU do to make sure these ... Read More »

Bogus Wildfire Relief Funds…Here’s What To Watch Out For.

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If you want to help out by donating to a wildfire fund, that’s awesome! (Just make sure you’re giving your money to an ACTUAL relief fund) With the wildfires that busted out this past week and unfortunately as dry as it is…the ones that are most likely going to be happening throughout the summer. There are already some “relief funds” ... Read More »

Do You Ever Go Into Target Meaning To Buy JUST ONE Thing But End Up Spending WAY MORE? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Alone. [Video]

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Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME! It’s like the black hole of shopping. You go in for ONE thing – detergent, toilet paper, a card, WHATEVER, and $300 later you come out with 30 things that you just HAD to have. Yep, Target. Home to all of the awesome you never knew you needed. Fill in the blanks: you went into Target ... Read More »

Girl Scouts Is #ForEVERYGirl…

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A Girl Scouts chapter in Queen Anne recently stood up for LGBT rights by returning a whopping $100,000 to a donor who was transphobic. You wont believe why. The hefty donation came with a note from the donor that read, “Please guarantee that our gift will not be used to support transgender girls. If you can’t, please return the money.” ... Read More »

Ask Siri A Dumb Question, Get A Dumb Answer. Siri Insults…

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Just as the latest Terminator film hits theaters, iPhone users are confronting another instance of technology run amok. Siri, Apple’s resident AI/personal assistant, apparently has quite the sassy response prepped if/when you ask her what zero divided by zero is. Siri has a long history of snappy answers to statements or questions she deems beneath her. For example, if you for some reason ... Read More »

How Patriotic Are We? Check Out 2015’s Most And Least Patriotic States.

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For the 4th Of July, a study was done for all 50 states to find out which ones are the most patriotic. They looked at eight different factors, including military enlistment rate, how many people voted in the last election and how often people volunteer. And according to them, the most patriotic state is, Virginia, and as for Washington…we were ... Read More »

A Simple Trick To See If It’s Too Hot To Walk Your Dog.

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Most dogs will go for a walk anytime, even if it’s pouring rain, they want to get out there and check it out. But that doesn’t mean you should always take them for a walk, especially in the summer. A dog-training center in California posted a tip on Facebook earlier this month, to see if it’s too hot to walk ... Read More »