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Drum Roll Please, And The Most Addicting Foods Are…


It’s just about that time of the year where MY kryptonite…the food that breaks my will power and the snack that I just can’t get enough of…GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are out in full force!! According to THIS study, pizza, french fries and chocolate are among the most addicting foods. Check out the others HERE.   image via Simpson used ... Read More »

Apple Is Introducing A Whole New Set Of Emojis.


I’ll fess up…I tend to get a little carried away with my emoji use ESPECIALLY on Instagram. It’s all about diversity with these new emojis. Apple has added a range of skin tones to its emoji keyboard in the iOS and OS X platforms. Also, the flag emoji set will now include flags from 32 countries! Read More »

Texting This Phone Number Will Get You ANYTHING You Want…Well ALMOST!


There is now a number that you can text and get ALMOST anything you want! (As long as you’re not doing anything illegal) I’m not sure how I feel about this one…it SEEMS easy and convenient but I’m a little leary about things like this at first. Maybe YOU can try it and let me know how it works for ... Read More »

Check Out What COULD Be…The Seahawks New Helmet!


The NFL is experimenting with some new looks when it comes to helmets. They’ve put together some alternate helmets that teams would only wear on occasion. I’m a traditional kind of guy but I’m not gonna lie…some of these are really sharp! What do you think of that Seahawks helmet?? Read More »