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Check Out These Black Friday Freebies!


Unless you’re winning it from us…nothing is ever free, is it?!?!  ESPECIALLY on Black Friday right? Not so fast, check out THESE freebies you can snag if you are brave enough to venture out to shop on Black Friday! Read More »

To Buy Or NOT To Buy On Black Friday.


Typically, “Black Friday” is THE day to grab the best deals and to make most of your significant purchases but not so fast…there are some things you may be better off holding back on for a while. Some of these may surprise you! 5 Things to buy and not to buy on Black Friday. Read More »

Here’s A List Of Stores That Refuse To Open On Thanksgiving!


Seems like the past few years, the trend of stores opening on Thanksgiving is sadly (in my opinion) growing more popular. HOWEVER…there are still some places that refuse to open their doors for the Thanksgiving holiday and prefer to just let their customers and most importantly, their employees spend Turkey Day with their families. 43 stores that will NOT be ... Read More »

Marshawn Lynch’s Good Deed, He Returned A Lost Wallet To The Man’s House.


I LOVE Marshawn Lynch…he is my favorite Seahawk and has been one of my personal favorites to watch play ever since his college days at Cal. Yesterday, he and some of his teammates made an appearance to help lift spirits for the students and staff at Marysville-Pilchuck High School and on his way there, performed the good deed. Read More »

Chef In Hot Water For Punishing His Daughter With…Hot Chili Peppers.

Jools Oliver's new clothing range for Mothercare is smashing sales targets - 12 Sep 2012

I never like to judge another parent on the way they discipline and raise their child because as I’m about to find out in February with my first born…it’s a tough (but rewarding) job. There are definitely things that our parents and grandparents did that would NOT fly in today’s world and after reading THIS story…I’m curious to get your ... Read More »