BRA, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 22, 2013: Wheels of Parmesan - famous italian hard cheese made from raw cow's milk, often grated over dishes and named after producing areas near Parma, Italy.

Ashley’s Morning Scoop 3.25.16

Ohhhh, Madonna, Madonna, Ma-Donna….. It seems Madge and her people are up to some shady business in New York City; Madonna & her people plotted & schemed their way to precious parking spots in front of her super expensive ($40 million, Upper Eastside) NYC apartment.  Madonna apparently wanted to claim some prime parking spaces … problem is, they were public spaces, not hers. So her people peppered the area with “Tenant Parking Only” signs. She also had someone emboss a “NO PARKING” warning curbside in cement and paint the curb yellow!

Comedian Gary Shandling died yesterday after suffering a massive heart attack.  Shandling most recently appeared on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  He was 66.

Justin Bieber has hit a new milestone, becoming the first artist to reach 10 billion views on music video website Vevo. 10 BILLION…..with a B.

We always hear about the crazy, outrageous things celebrities spend their millions on and Time Magazine has released some of the latest splurges of the rich & famous;

John Legend gifted wife Chrissy Teigen with a $2500 cheese wheel….

Lady Gaga purchased a $50,000 Electro-Magnetic Field Reader to detect any paranormal activity backstage at her concerts

Madonna spends $10,000 a month on specially blessed Kabalah water…..Smart Water is just over a dollar…

Kelly Rowland spent $5200 on a baby bathtub for former Destiny’s Child bandmate, Beyonce… can get one for about $15 at Baby’s R Us……

Victoria Beckham spent $33,000 on a Stuart Hughes iPhone, made with 150 grams of 24-carat gold…makes that new one seem like a steal at $399

New parents Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively bought a $3,200 Electrolux washer/dryer combo that washes AND dries laundry in just 29 minutes flat….which actually seems like a legitimate bargain.

Singer Ke$ha spends about $2000 a month…. On GLITTER